VK VKontakte Random Comment Picker

Random winner generator for comments of a ВКонтакте giveaway or contest

1. Login with VKontakte (VK)

2. Enter the VK url

3. Pick random winner

Share the winner on your VK wall

How does VKontakte Comment Picker work?

Random pick a VK comment as a competition winner in the following simple steps.

  1. Login with your VK account
  2. Enter the VK url
  3. Get all "unique" comments "easily" from a VK post and pick a random winner!
  4. Share the winner on your VK wall
  5. Like and review our Facebook page (optional)

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Where do I find the VK Url?

Follow the steps to find the right VK url or check the video below.

  1. Go to VK.com with via the browser
  2. Go to the post and click on the date or time
  3. The browser will go to the new page or open a popup.
  4. You can copy the url from the browser address bar
  5. Paste the url inside our text field above.

Any issues or problems with getting the url? Let us know!

What is ВКонтакте Random Comment Picker?

VKontakte Random Comment Picker is a simple free tool to easily generate a winner of a VK lottery or promotion. By entering the URL of the VK posts we retrieving all comments where we filtering out duplicate names. Then you can pick a random winner from all the comments by pressing the start button. With this tool there is no need to fill in all the names themselves to choose a competition winner. We need ВКонтакте login to get all the comments of a post, unfortunately we can't always get comments from all posts due privacy settings. We don't have access to private groups.

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Enjoy and if you have any tips or feedback, please send message on our Facebook page.

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