Youtube Random Comment Picker

Random winner generator of comments for any Youtube giveaways, promotions, sweepstakes or contests

Youtube Comment Picker

Youtube Random Comment Picker is the easiest way to pick a random winner from all the comments on your Youtube video. You can use it to pick a winner for your Youtube giveaways, promotions, sweepstakes or contests!

Start entering the Youtube url in the text field and pick a random winner. You can use the Random Youtube Comment Picker for free!

Enter Youtube video url

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How does the Youtube Comment Picker tool work?

Randomly pick a Youtube comment as a competition winner in the following simple steps.

  1. Enter the Youtube video url in the textfield
  2. Enable or disable the option to filter duplicate users
  3. Enable the option include specific text and enter text, if you want to filter comments based on a specific answer or #hashtag
  4. Add extra entries to your competition (optional)
  5. Blacklist or exclude Youtube users from the contest (optional)
  6. Click the button "Get Youtube comments" to get the comments from a Youtube video
  7. Start the raffle and pick a random winner by clicking the "Start" button
  8. Click the "Pick another winner" button to pick an extra winner (optional)
  9. Create a unique giveaway link and share your giveaway result by using one of the share buttons (optional)
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What is Youtube Random Comment Picker?

Youtube Random Comment Picker is a simple and free to use online tool to easily pick a winner for Youtube giveaways, sweepstakes, promotions, contests or lotteries.

By entering the URL of the Youtube video we retrieving all comments where we filtering out duplicate names from comments, based on your filter duplicate option. After retrieving all the comments you start the winner generator and pick a random winner from all the comments by pressing the Start button. With Youtube sweepstakes tool there is no need to fill in all the names themselves to choose a competition winner which makes your life much easier.

When using this tool you are agreeing to be bound by the YouTube Terms of Service

Enjoy and if you have any tips or feedback, please send message on our Facebook page. Don't forget to give a like if you enjoyed our free Youtube Random Comment Picker

Save results giveaway and share

After a Youtube draw with our giveaway tool it's possible to save the results. You can do this by using one of the share buttons or copy button. This will create a unique link for your giveaway where you can find the winner, comment of the winner, date of the raffle and total amount of entries. You can share this URL with all your followers and they can see the result of the contest. This unique URL will be stored for at least one month and does not contain any of your private information.

Example of results in a unique giveaway link:

Youtube Comment Picker Share Winner Results

Youtube Contest Rules

Want to know more about Youtube Guidelines or how to run a successful contest on Youtube. You can read it in our latest blog: Youtube Contest Rules – How to Run a Giveaway/Contest On YouTube?

Youtube Comment Picker options

We have some options for the Youtube Giveaway tool to filter comments from the raffle. This options can be used to include or exclude entries for the contest.

Filter duplicate users

If the option "Filter duplicate users" is enabled, it means that if a user adds 2 comments on your giveaway video, is's only counted as one entry. This way you can make sure that people will not spam your contest with comments to give themselves extra changes. We filter out users by a unique user ID that belongs to a Youtube user.

Include replies to comments

Replies are comments which are replied on top level comments. Those comments are done via the Reply button in YouTube. Enabling this option will include those comments as well, by default those comments would not be included.

Filter comments based on a specific text

Let's say you start a raffle where you want people to give the correct answer on a question, or guess the number. This option make sure that only users with a specific text/answer are included in the entries. Could be useful for a Youtube guess & win contest.

Add extra entries

By default only comments are counted as entries for the contest or promotion. We can't get subscribers or people that liked your video with our tool. If you want to give people an extra change if they subscribe or like, you can use the extra entries option to add their names. Those names are not connected to a user from the comments and will not be filtered.

Exclude or blacklist users

You can exclude user by selecting the option "Exclude / blacklist users". You will see a textarea where you can add names of the users you want to exclude from the contest. You can add each name by a newline or separated by comma. This option can also be useful if you want to exclude previous winners from winning again. You should enter the name of the person that is displayed on their Youtube channel or in the Youtube comment, e.g. Comment Picker.

How to run a contest on YouTube?

  1. Define goals of the contest
  2. Choose one or multiple prices for your giveaway
  3. Setup the dates and rules for the contest
  4. Make sure you follow the Youtube Contest Guidelines and local laws
  5. Create a contest video with title, hashtags and description with all rules and terms
  6. Promote contest via your website, social media and other channels
  7. Pick a winner for your contest after giveaway is ended
  8. Announce winners in a new video and share this on all your channels
  9. Check goals and analytics of the success of the contest

What tips do you have for running a successful contest? Please send us a message.

How to find a Youtube URL?

Follow the steps to find the correct Youtube video url via the Youtube app or via any browser.

Find Youtube video url via Youtube app

Get the Youtube url from the Youtube app
  1. Go to Youtube app and choose your video which you want to get comments from.
  2. Click on the share icon and choose link. It automatically copies the Youtube link.
  3. You can now paste the url inside our text field above
  4. Start the Youtube Comment Picker and pick your winner

Find Youtube video url via the browser

  1. Go to Youtube and select the video which you want to get comments from.
  2. Copy the url from the browser address balk. (see image below)
  3. You can now paste the url inside our text field above
  4. Start the Youtube Comment Picker and pick your winner

Get the Youtube url from the browser

Any issues or problems with getting the Youtube url? Let us know! or checkout our blog about How to find a Youtube video URL.

How-to: Youtube Random Comment Picker

Learn how to use our Youtube Comment Picker tool by watching our how-to video.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers about our tool in the list of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Youtube Comment Picker is like all our services and products 100% free!

We are filtering out multiple comments made by one user, which means that if a user is commenting multiple times only one entry is taking into account.

We can't get any comments if comments are disabled or if the video is removed. Did you use the correct video url?

Yes, please enable the option "Add extra entries" to add extra entries. This can be useful for users that subscibed on your channel or liked your video.

No, we don't have any limits of comments that you can get with our tool. However we do have some limits and restrictions on the Youtube API. This can mean sometimes that you have to wait a few minutes before starting a raffle. You will get notified when this is happening.

No, we will never manipulate the outcome of our tools. The tools are completely random and fair for everyone.

No, we don't have a native app, but we optimize our website for mobile.

  • German: Youtube verlosung zufallsgenerator kommentare
  • Turkish: Rastgele yorum seçici Youtube
  • Spanish: Generador de sorteos Youtube
  • French: Sélecteur de commentaire aléatoire Youtube