What is Random Letter Generator?

A Random Letter Generator is an online tool to pick a random alphabet letter from A to Z or generate a list or sequence of random letters.

This tool can be used for any games where you need random letters, or it can be used by teachers to learn kids the letters of the alphabet. It's also possible to generate some random words with an x amount of random letters.

Random Letter Games

Did you ever play games in the car when you went on vacation destination? Games like, name an animal that starts with the letter A or name food that ends with a G. The Random Letter Generator is the perfect to for generating a random letter for these type of games. Another fun game is to generate a random letters, get a pen and a notepad and try to write down as many words as you can with that random letter. The one who got the most correct words is the winner.

What games did you play with random letters?

Letter Generator settings

You can generate a random alphabet letter with the default options, but we have more settings you can adjust:

Number of random letters per sequence

This is the amount of letters which are included in one letter sequence. By default, the tool is generating one sequence, so if you select 4 in this filter we generate 4 random letters.

Number of letter sequences

This is the amount of letter sequences. If you select 3, you will get 3 letter sequences with the selected number of random letters per sequence from the first filter. So if this filter is 4 and the amount per sequence is 3, you will get 4 letter sequences with each 3 random letters.

Generate lowercase or UPPERCASE letters

The random letter will be lowercase by default. This filter is applied to all random letters and all random letter sequences.

Unique letters in letter sequence

This means that there can be no repeats in one letter sequence when it's enabled. This is only for 1 letter sequence, when generating multiple sequences of random letters the new sequence will be reset and can have letters of the first sequence.

Custom letter set

Enter your custom letter set in this field without any spaces between those letters. This setting can be useful if you don't want to use the letters A to Z but generate letters of non-Latin languages like Russian, Japanese, Armenian or Chinese.

Exclude letters

Let's say you only want vowels or consonants, then you could exclude the other ones in this setting. You could also use this to exclude letters that are already chosen before.

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