Find My Instagram User ID

Get your Instagram numeric User ID easy from any Instagram username

Find my Instagram User ID

Get your Instagram numeric User ID easy and fast from any username by entering the username in the input text field and clicking the button.

There is no need to login and it's totally free. The only thing required is the Instagram username.

1. Enter Instagram username

2. Your Instagram User ID

How to get your Instagram User ID?

Find your Instagram User ID easy in the following simple steps.

  1. Enter your Instagram username, e.g. commentpicker, 9gag
  2. Click the button "Get Instagram user ID"
  3. Grab your Instagram User ID.
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How to get your Instagram username via the Instagram app?

  1. Open your Instagram application
  2. Go to your profile page by clicking your profile image in the right upper corner
  3. Your Instagram username is in the middle of the top bar

Make sure you use the username and not the name of the account. The username is always with lowercase letters without any spaces in between, e.g. commentpicker, 9gag

About "Find My Instagram User ID"

Instagram User ID finder is a tool to get the Instagram User ID and related user information.

Some extensions or plugins require an Instagram user ID to show a Instagram feed. With our tool it's easy to get this ID/

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