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Online tool to quickly show the (unique) word count, character count and keyword density in a text

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Online Word Counter

Online Word Counter is a free online tool to quickly calculate the word count and character count in a text.

Just enter your text in the textarea and we will calculate the (unique) number of words and characters (with and without spaces) for you.

Enjoy our free online word counting tool!

Word & Character Count Tool

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What is a Word Counter Tool?

Word Counter Tool is a free online tool to calculate the word count, unique words, characters with and without spaces, number of paragraphs and the keyword density in a given text.

Did you ever need to count the number of words in a text? Doing this manually will take a lot of time and is very error sensitive. With our online word counter tool we can quickly and real-time calculate the number of words and characters for you in a text.

When was the last time you did need a word counter? From today on you can use our free online word counter tool. Do you have any suggestions or do you think the result of the Word counter is wrong? Please let us know via Facebook.

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword Density is the number of times that a single or group of words occurs in a text which is often used in SEO context.

Keyword Density Checker - SEO tool

The keyword density checker in our word counter shows the top 10 words which occurs the most times in the text and shows the word count of that word. We don't filter any words, so we will also include stop words. Keyword density can be useful for text writers of SEO specialists to optimize the number of times that a keyword occurs in a text or blog.

What is Word Count?

Word count is the number of (unique) words in a document or text.

Word count is often used to determine if a word limit is not exceeded. Writers, journalist and teacher are often using a word counter to count the number of words. Our word counter will show the word count in real-time when you enter words.

Word Count tool

A word count tool is an internet-based tool that assists you to calculate and count the number of characters and words in a document. It’s a tool that you can also use to calculate the total number of paragraphs, sentences, and letters in the text that you have placed in the input box. What makes it useful is that there’s no limit to the number of characters or words that you can count.

Word Counting

Word count is a crucial metric when it comes to writing. It plays an important role in legal proceedings, publishing, academia, and advertising. By applying this tool, it becomes easier for you to establish just how many words are available in your document or text. It helps you to establish whether:

  • You have enough words
  • You need to add more
  • Or if you have exceeded the required number of words.

You can also use the word counter to check the number of characters present in your text. This is particularly important when dealing with text for use in Google meta description, social media platforms, SEO, website headlines, smartphone applications and Google Ads.

What Makes a Word Count Tool Important?

Whether writing a corporate document, an e-book, or text for publication on social media platforms, different types of writing have varying word count requirements. You have to understand that some platforms will place a limit on the number of letters or words that a writer can use, e.g., Facebook banner ads or Google Ads search ads.

Word Counting & Social Media

Social media platforms are designed for quick information consumption and simplified reading. It’s the reason why each platform gets to prescribe the number of viewable characters that writers and authors can post. It’s why social media managers and digital marketers need to know the character limits applicable to each social networking platform you would like to use.

Word & Character Limits on Social Media

For those that are creating or managing content for use on social media platforms, they need to know the character limits for each platform.

The following are the character limits for the leading social media platforms in use today:

  • LinkedIn—Character limit for the headline text is 120 characters, with the limit for the summary section being 2,000, while the position title is limited to 100, and the description box has a limit of 1,000 characters.
  • Twitter—Previously had a limit of 140 characters, but were later increased to 280 characters.
  • Instagram—Has a limit of 2,200 characters and 30 hashtags for captions (note that only the first 125 characters will get displayed with the remaining characters being truncated).
  • Facebook—A maximum of 8,000 characters for a single comment and 63,206 for a normal post.

Word Counter Tool & SEO

Word Count Tool & SEO

A word count tool plays an essential role when a writer is writing for SEO purposes. Traditionally, the high ranking search results displayed on the first page tend to be the long-form articles. Many of these articles are at least 1,500 words with most of them exceeding the 2,000 words mark.

If you look closely, you will come to realize that many of these long-form articles tend to have evergreen content at all times. Evergreen content is deemed as the best kind of content when writing for search engine optimization. It’s content that tends to receive lots of clicks over an extended duration compared to content based on viral trends or current news.

How a Word Counter Tool Can Assist in Boosting Your Rankings

Long-form articles are often viewed as being more authoritative. Creating longer content means that you will get a chance to insert more information and data into the article which will, in turn, ensure that it ends up providing more value to your readers.

In the long run, the content will be more valuable, meaning that chances are high that readers will want to link to it or share it with their followers. An uptake in your backlinks and social shares means that your page rankings and website rankings will also receive a boost. When you use the word counter, you get to ensure that the article you have created has satisfied the word count for acceptable SEO practices. While meeting the character requirements may not necessarily help with your search rankings, it does play an essential role in the long run.

How to Use the Word & Character Counter Tool?

The Word counter tool is quite easy to use, and will normally provide you with instant results. It provides you with a detailed analysis of the number of paragraphs, words, sentences, and characters used in your text.

Apart from counting words, it also assists in counting characters that can be used to count words for Adobe InDesign, Google Docs, Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF files, and Microsoft Excel. All that a user has to do is to copy text from a website or the file at hand and then paste into the input box.

The tool will count all the words that are in each paragraph, and may also calculate the words present in a book, essay, or novel. As mentioned earlier, there isn’t a limit to the number of words that you can count at a time. It’s a tool that will also come handy when there’s a maximum limit to the permissible words for a blog post or article you have been working on.

Why Use a Word Counter?

If you have used any application developed by Microsoft, then you probably already know that each app comes with an in-built word count tool. Google Docs also has a counter that can help you calculate the number of available characters.

While Google Docs and Microsoft Word do come with in-built counters, there are other benefits that come with using the internet-based word counter. With this tool, you don’t have to worry about sticking to a given file format, e.g., Google Docs or Microsoft Word. You can copy and paste text from any file whose characters or words you would like counted.

With this tool, you get to perform a count for academic essays, Google Docs document, Microsoft Word files, and even character counts for Facebook posts and Google Ads search ads.

Who can use this word counter tool?

  • Teachers to count words in an essay, to see if a student followed the guidelines of the assignment.
  • Text writers to count words in a text they have to deliver to clients.
  • Marketeers for social media and SEO purposes.
  • You and all your friends and family of course =).

A Word Counter tool is a tool that you will just need one day in your life!

Definitions Word Counter Tool

A word can contain one or more letters and is separated by one or multiple spaces and/or newlines.
Unique word
A unique word is a word that is not used multiple times. When there are 2 words in a text, it's counted as 1 unique word.
A Character, also known as char, is a single object to represent a letter, number or symbol.
A paragraph is defined by one or multiple newlines in a text.
Word count
Word count, also know is the number of words in a text. Word count is a significant metric in content writing, advertising and marketing.
Word Counter Tool
Online calculator tool to count the number of words and unique words in a text. A Character Counter tool will also calculate the number of characters with and without spaces and paragraphs. Word Counter Tool will also display the keyword density of the text.
Keyword Density
Keyword Density is the number of times that a word (keyword) appears in the text.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers of frequently asked questions about our tool in the list below. Is your specific question not in the list? Please send us a message via Facebook or Instagram.

You can enter an unlimited amount of text and words in our word counting tool without any limits. We tested text with more than 1 million words in it, which still works. The browser can become a little slow with a huge amount of text.

Yes, we will show you the amount of words, unique words, characters with and without spaces, paragraphs and keyword density.

A word can contain one or more letters and is separated by spaces or/and newlines.

A paragraph is defined by one or multiple newlines in a text.

A Character, also known as char, is a single object to represent a letter, number or symbol.

Yes, we are showing the top 10 words with the most count and the number the times that they're appearing in the text.

Yes, the Word Count tool is 100% free to use like all of our tools.

No, we never store any of the text, words or characters that you enter in our Word Count tool.

Sorry, we don't have a mobile app, but our website is 100% mobile friendly.

Sorry, advertisements ensure that this website can be used for free.