What is a Number Picker Wheel?

A Number Picker Wheel is a free online spinner to pick a random number by spinning a wheel of numbers. The wheel will choose a random number from all possible numbers.

You can choose multiple random numbers in the Number Picker wheel by tapping the wheel of numbers again.

Why use a Number Picker Wheel?

You could use the wheel picker for multiple purposes:

  • Select a random number for number games like bingo or as online dice.
  • Choose a random person or tasks by assigning numbers to people.
  • Selecting a number for a contest or giveaway.

Where are you using the number picker app for? We would love to hear it.

Random Number Picker settings

Wheel numbers settings

You can select the start number and end number of the number wheel. By default, it will create a wheel with the numbers from 1 to 10. You could also select start number from 1 and end number 4, which will create a wheel with numbers: 1,2, 3 and 4.

It's also possible to only generate even or odd numbers and to exclude certain numbers from the random number generator wheel.

Spinner settings

You can select the colors of the wheel, the color of the wheel segment of the random number that is chosen and the animation duration.

You can also choose if you want to remove the number from the wheel of numbers after the wheel spin. This could be useful when picking multiple random numbers with our tool.

What other settings or filters would you like to see in our tool?