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Generate a random fake name or a list of random fake names with our fake name generator

Random Fake Name Generator

Random Fake Name Generator is an online tool where you can generate a list of fake names. You can choose the minimum/maximum length of the fake name and the number of fake names.

Do you need to create a fake name for any online account, email, social profile or maybe a new identity? Our Fake Name Generator can help you generator a list of fake names where you can select the minimum and maximum letters.

The Random Fake Name Generator will generate a full name which you can use for free!

Fake Name Generator options

Amount of fake names
Length of fake name(s) (optional)

List of fake names

Fake names

How to generate a fake name?

Generate a list of fake names in these simple steps:

  1. Select the number of fake names you want to generate
  2. Select the number of characters of the fake name, minimum and maximum (optional)
  3. Generate fake name by clicking "Generate fake name(s)" button!
  4. Generate new fake names by clicking "Generate new fake names" button!
  5. Copy or print list of fake names (optional)
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What is Fake Name Generator?

Fake Name Generator is a free online tool to generate a fake name or a list or set of fake names with options to choose the minimum and maximum length of the fake names, as well as the number of fake names up to a maximum of 100 names.

With the criteria set, the tool will then present you with a list of randomly generated fake names that you can use. You can generate up to a maximum of 100 names at a time, although you can use the tool multiple times if 100 is not enough.

With the Fake Name Generator you can pick fake male names and fake female names which can be used for everything. Some common uses cases:

  • Dummy data
  • Fake email address
  • Fake online account
  • Online character name
  • Fake username
  • Fake social profile name
  • Randomly Generated Identity
  • Pet Name

Generate list of Fake Names

You can generate a list up to 100 random fake names each time. You are free to copy and use those fake names in any application, a mention of our tool is nice but is not required.

Do you have any tips or suggestions for our fake name lists? Please let us know! Don't forget to like us and share this tool with all of your friends.

How Do I Use Fake Name Generator?

Using our tool to generate fake names couldn't be easier. Simply select the minimum length you would like your names to be and the maximum length you would like your names to be and the number of names you want to generate, and hit the "Generate Fake Names" button.

The minimum length your names can be is six characters long, though you can specify longer if you're looking for a particularly fancy name. On the other hand, the maximum length your names can be is 27 characters, though you can specify shorter if you want something simple. Names can be generated individually, or as a list of your chosen amount up to 100. If you need more than 100 names, you can always use the tool again to generate more!

So whether you're creating a fake persona to browse the Internet in anonymity, picking out a name for your new pet, or creating a literary masterpiece with a sprawling cast of characters, this tool can help you!

Why Do I Need a Fake Name Generator?

You may be wondering why a fake name generator is necessary at all, let alone why you might need one. Surely the need to generate fake names is a niche thing that most people will never need. Well, you'd be surprised.

The use cases for a fake name generator range from the frivolous to the scientific. Here we'll outline some of the reasons you might need such a tool.

Naming Pets

Naming pets can be hard enough, and it can be even harder if the pet is joint-owned and there are disagreements about what to call it. If instead, you generate fake names, any obvious choices will stand out immediately. It may turn out that your new pug dog was a "Freddie" all along.

Fake Online Accounts

There are many reasons to create a fake online account, and not all of them are nefarious. One such example is for keeping your anonymity on the Internet. Our society is more aware than ever of the risks of identity theft and online fraud, so the desire to not put your real details on everything you sign up for is a reasonable one. Though it is worth noting that if you do act nefariously with any fake names you generate, you will still be responsible for those actions, not the generator you got the names from.

Character Names

The need to generate character names could have its own set of subcategories. You could be writing a novel and are stuck for what to call that quirky best friend character. You could be starting a new character in your favourite role-playing game and don't know what to call them. You could even be playing with your children and need some names for toys.

Fake Social Media Account

This is getting into a little murky water, but fake name generators can help with setting up a fake account on social media sites. Some of the less questionable reasons for doing this are for checking on someone you can't see from your real account, such as one of your children. Or if you are somewhat recognisable and want to be able to use social media without everyone knowing it's you.

Creating Datasets

When working with analytics, be it scientific, marketing, or any other kind of data analysis, it can sometimes be necessary to create fake data, or assign fake names to existing data. In the case of particularly large datasets, generating fake names automatically would make life a lot easier.

How Do Fake Name Generators Work?

Don't worry, you're not going to get a list of computer-assembled gibberish. The names themselves are pre-written in a list of over 100,000 names from which the final names are randomly picked. The picking is done by a computer function, creating a combination of first and last names for you to choose from.

It's worth mentioning that, just because the names are randomly generated, doesn't mean there aren't real people with those names. In fact, given the sheer number of people alive today, it's quite unlikely that any randomly generated name is unique and not already in use in the real world. For this reason, you should think carefully about what you do with your fake names. Creating a fake account to stir up trouble on your local neighbourhood's Facebook page could come back to bite you if you end using a fake name that, coincidentally, is also the name of someone in that neighbourhood.

The tool itself, and the use of the tool, is completely legal. After all, if creating fake names was illegal, we would never have any fictional stories. What you do with those fake names is a different matter. If you use fake names generated with this tool to break the law, such as committing fraud, you will be in just as much as trouble when you get caught.

But it won't be the use of this tool that's the reason you're in trouble.

How Believable are the Fake Names?

Believability is somewhat in the eye of the beholder. It could be said that there is no such thing as an "unrealistic" name, only unusual ones. Some names may have been a difficult sell in the past, but in a time where trend-setting celebrities are naming their children with very unusual names, it's hard to call any name unrealistic.

Always consider the situation in which you will be using the fake names. If you are generating a name for a character in a story you are writing, think about where that character is from. What is their heritage? If their name is at odds with the backstory you've given them, it may take your reader out of it. Similarly, if you're choosing a name for your pet, be aware that people may ask you about it if it's a particularly unusual name for a pet. In short, the believability of a fake name is all about the context it is being used in.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers about our tool in the list of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Our database contains a list of 100.000 fake names currently.

The fake names are total random generated names, but some fake names might be real names as well. Don't do crazy stuff, you are responsible for your own actions! ;-)

Random Fake Name Generator is using Math.random() to select a fake name from the list of fake names.

You can generate from 1 name up to 10, 25, 50 and 100 random fake names each time. You can use these fake name for everything.

Online Fake Name Generator is 100% FREE like all of our tools.

You can use the list of fake names for your own application. Would be nice of you are add a link to our tool.

No, we don't have a mobile application, but our website is 100% mobile friendly.