What is Wheel of Names?

Wheel of Names is a free online tool where the spinning wheel random decides which name is the winner of a raffle. You can add up to 360 names in the wheel picker. The tool will pick a random name from the wheel of names after spinning.

You can share the winner and create a unique share URL after the random wheel spin ended. You can also decide to spin the wheel again. Do you have any feedback for our wheel of names, please send us a message via Facebook or Instagram.

Why using a Name Picker Wheel?

  • Select a winner for your giveaway or contest.
  • Choose random name to start a game.
  • Choose the order of names or tasks.
  • Create random team with the spinning wheel.
  • Other decisions where you want to make a random choice.

Share Picker Wheel results

You can create a unique URL with the results of the spinning wheel. The results contain the winner, amount of names and the date of the wheel spin. You can create a unique link with the spinning wheel results by using one of the share buttons or the copy button below the wheel.

Wheel picker options

We created options to customize the wheel of names. All options are explained below:

Split names by space

By default the list of names are split by a newline or comma, but sometimes you just want to add quickly names by adding a space in between. Selecting the split by space option will make this work.

Filter duplicate names

By default, we don't filter duplicate names from the spinning wheel, but we could imagine that sometimes when using a larger list of names you could add a duplicate name by mistake. Enabling this filter will prevent having duplicate names in the wheel of names.

Animation duration

You can select how many seconds the animation will take before picking a random name from the wheel of names. You can choose from 1 second up to 10 seconds before the wheel stops spinning.

Customize wheel colors

You can customize the colors of the wheel by using the predefined sets of colors. This can be all colors, set of colors, black/white or white/grey. Besides the wheel colors, you can also select the color of the winning wheel segment. After a name is chosen, the segment will turn into that color, so it is easy to recognize the winner.

Remove name from wheel of names after draw

If you are planning to pick multiple names with the wheel picker and if you want to prevent a name to be chosen twice, you can choose to remove the name from wheel after the wheel spin. If this option is selected and if you spin the wheel again, the previous winner will be removed from the wheel of names.

What options or featured do you want to see in the wheel of names?