Combination Generator

Generate random or ordered combinations from 2 lists of items/names

Random Combination Generator

Random Combination Generator is an online tool to generate random combinations from two lists of items/names.

You can choose to generate all possible combination random or ordered, all combination grouped by first or second list random or ordered or just select a number of random combinations that you want.

Enjoy our free Random Combination Generator :)

Combination Generator options

Add lists of items/names
Amount of items: 0
Amount of items: 0
Number of combinations possible: 0

Combinations (random/ordered)

How to generate random combinations?

Quickly generate random combination from two list of items in this simple steps:

  1. Enter list of names/items in first text block
  2. Enter list of names/items in second text block
  3. Choose how you want to generate random combinations, all (random/ordered), grouped by list (random/ordered), number of random combinations
  4. Click "Generate combination" to generate the combinations
  5. Click "Generate new combinations" to generate new (random) combinations
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What is Combination Generator?

Combination Generator is a tool to generate random or ordered combinations from 2 lists of names or items. In the tool you can choose if you want to generate a number of random combination or all combinations. All combination can be random or ordered and/or grouped by one of the lists.

After entering the two list of item/names you will see the possible number of combinations possible. When selecting a specific number of combination it will always be random.

Combination Generator example

An simple example of the combination generator with a list of letters and list of numbers.

Input first list of items:

  • A
  • B

Input second list of items::

  • 1
  • 2

Output combinations random/ordered:

  • All (random): "B - 2 | A - 1 | A - 2 | B - 1"
  • All (ordered): "A - 1 | A - 2 | B - 1 | B - 2"
  • All grouped by list 1 (random): "A - 2 | A - 1" ___ "B - 2 | B - 1"
  • All grouped by list 1 (ordered): "A - 1 | A - 2" ___ "B - 1 | B - 2"
  • All grouped by list 2 (random): "1 - A | 1 - B" ___ "2 - A | 2 - B"
  • All grouped by list 2 (ordered): "1 - B | 1 - A" ___ "2 - B | 2 - A "

What can I use the Combination Generator for?

There are a lot of use cases for a combination generator:

  • Split up your exercises where you have 2 categories, e.g. one key on note sequence
  • Split up two teams of people into groups of 2, whereby you want 1 person from each team
  • Create random combinations of drinks and food
  • Create pairs of colleagues based on their skills, e.g. list 1: colleagues with junior skills, list 2: colleagues with senior skills
  • Create pairs for sport games from 2 teams
  • To avoid using excel to create combinations ;-)

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers about our tool in the list of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

First we generate all possible combination based on the input of the two lists of items. After that we shuffle all combinations or a group of combinations. Then we pick one or multiple random combinations based on the option number of combinations.

With the Combination Generator it is possible to generate all combinations randomly or ordered. It is also possible to generate all combination grouped one of the two list random or ordered.

Sorry, currently it is only possible to add 2 lists of items to generate (random) combinations. We will extend the tool with this option anytime soon.

If you have any tips, feedback or suggestions for our Combination Generator. Please send us a message via Facebook or Instagram.