How to export Twitter Retweets?

You can export your Twitter Retweets by using the following steps:

  1. Login with Twitter.
  2. Select export type: Retweets.
  3. Add link to Tweet.
  4. Choose filters and export settings.
  5. Press Export Twitter Data.

To download your Twitter followings, you can simply follow the same steps and modify the export type to "Twitter Following List".

This tool is NOT developed, sponsored, promoted or endorsed by Twitter, Inc.

We do not store, sell or distribute any of your Twitter data. Twitter data is only downloaded in your browser using the official Twitter API. Data should only be used for personal use or academic research. Be responsible for the privacy of your followers.

Download Twitter Data

We will retrieve the Twitter data using the official Twitter API and export it in CSV format. The resulting CSV file can be opened in Excel or Numbers, and it will include the following data:

  • Twitter username.
  • Display name.
  • Twitter User ID.
  • Tweet text (only for Quote Tweets)
  • Bio.
  • Verified.
  • Verified type.
  • Follower count.
  • Following count.
  • Tweet count.
  • Creation date of account.

Example of a Twitter export:

Example Twitter Export