Flip A Coin

Online virtual coin flipper - Heads or tails?

Virtual coin flipper

Quickly need to flip a coin? Is it going to be heads or tails? Start your virtual coin toss and see who is going to win! Ofcourse you can use our instant coin flipper for free!

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2. Flip A Coin

Heads Tails

How to flip a coin?

It is never been so easy to flip an online coin!

  1. Select the number of coin flips you want to make
  2. Click the "Flip Coin(s)" button to start the toss
  3. Click the "Flip Again button" to toss again (Optional)
  4. Like and review our Facebook page(optional)
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What is Flip A Coin?

Who has coins in his pockets these days? Yes, that's why you can use our online virtual coin flipper. You can use flip a coin to quickly make decisions or use it for any game you want to play. Don't worry, our coin can't land on his side or edge ;-)

So what is it going to be, heads or tails?

About Coin Flipper

The tool is using Math.random which is pseudo-random. Each coin flip will be seperated generated with this method. The change by random coin tossing for heads and tails are both 50%.

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