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Quickly need to flip a coin? Is it going to be heads or tails? Start your virtual coin toss and see who is going to win! Ofcourse you can use our instant coin flipper for free! With Flip a Coin you can flip up to 5 times, 10 times or even up to 100 times in each coin toss.

Tip: Use space bar or enter key to quickly flip new random coins!

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How to flip a coin?

It is never been so easy to flip an online coin! Flip a coin in the following simple steps:

  1. Select the number of coin flips you want to make
  2. Click the "Flip Coin(s)" button to start the toss
  3. Click the "Flip Again button" to toss again (Optional)
  4. Like and review our Facebook page (optional)
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What is Flip A Coin?

Who has coins in his pockets these days? Yes, that's why you can use our online virtual coin flipper. You can use flip a coin to quickly make decisions or use it for any game you want to play. It can be use by referees in soccer to decide which team is going to start where or it can be used to decide who get the last piece of food. Don't worry, our coin can't land on his side or edge ;-)

So what is it going to be, heads or tails?

Flip a Coin story

Flip a Coin, coin tossing, heads or tails, there a so many different names of that are used for this phenomenon. In real life besides heads or tails it is also possible that a coin will land on the edge of the coin. People are using a coin flip in different ways. Before each coin toss both people say if they choose heads or tails. After that is decides there a different manners to do the actual coin flip itself. Some people throw the coin in the air and catch it from the sky with their a hand. Then they put it on the back of their hand. The side that you see on the top is the one that is winning. Others just throw it in the air and let it land on the floor. They are also people who let the coin spin. With our Flip a Coin app you don't have to choose a way to do it, we decide it for you ;-) Coin flipping is used for millions of people all around the world each day. Also online coin flipping is used by millions each day, the reason we build this easy and quick coin toss app for you. You can flip the coins as much times as you want in all situations.

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About Coin Flipper

Why should you do a Coin Flip? Coin Flipper is useful is situations where you don't have a coin available and you need to make a quick decision. It's one of those tools that you will need one day. That is the reason why we build this tool to make your life easier =)

Frequently asked questions

What are the odds of flipping tails in a coin toss?

The change that you flip tails in a coin flip is 50%

What are the odds of flipping heads in a coin toss?

The change that you flip heads in a coin flip is 50%

How random is Flip a coin??

The coin toss tool is using Math.random which is pseudo-random. Each coin flip will be separated generated with this method. The change by random coin tossing for heads and tails are both 50%.

How much coins can I flip?

Our tool supports from 1 coin up to 50 and 100 coins at the time. After a draw you will see the results of how many times it was tails and heads. Then you can use the flip again button to have another coin flip.

How much cost Flip a Coin?

It's totally free! You don't even have coins in your pocket, do you? ;-)

Do you have a Flip a Coin app?

No, we don't have a Coin Flip application, but our website is 100% mobile friendly to use.

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