Flip A Coin

Online virtual coin flipper for a coin toss - Heads or tails?

Online virtual coin flipper

Online virtual coin flipper is an online tool to quickly flip one or multiple virtual coins.

Quickly need to flip a coin? Is it going to be heads or tails? Start your virtual coin toss and see who is going to win! Ofcourse you can use our instant coin flipper for free! With Flip a Coin you can flip up to 5 times, 10 times or even up to 100 times in each coin toss.

Tip: Use space bar or enter key to quickly flip new random coins!

Coin Flipper options

Flip A Coin

Heads Tails

How to flip a coin?

It is never been so easy to flip an online coin! Flip a coin in the following simple steps:

  1. Select the number of coin you want to flip
  2. Click the "Flip Coin" button to start the coin toss
  3. Click the "Flip Again button" to do another new coin toss
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What is Flip A Coin?

Flip a Coin is a free online tool to quickly do a coin toss by flipping one or multiple virtual coins where the output is always heads or tails.

Who has coins in his pockets these days? Yes, that's why you can use our online virtual coin flipper. You can use flip a coin to quickly make decisions or use it for any game you want to play. It can be use by referees in soccer to decide which team is going to start where or it can be used to decide who get the last piece of food. Don't worry, our coin can't land on his side or edge ;-)

So what is it going to be, heads or tails?

Coin Flipper

Coin Flipper is the best online tool where you can quickly do a coin toss without having coins in your pocket. Why should you do a Coin Flip? Coin Flipper is useful is situations where you don't have a coin available and you need to make a quick decision. It's one of those tools that you will need one day. That is the reason why we build this tool to make your life easier =)

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The Flip a Coin story

Flip a Coin, coin tossing, heads or tails, there a so many different names of that are used for this phenomenon. In real life besides heads or tails it is also possible that a coin will land on the edge of the coin. People are using a coin flip in different ways. Before each coin toss both people say if they choose heads or tails.

Coin flip manners

After that is decides there a different manners to do the actual coin flip itself. Some people throw the coin in the air and catch it from the sky with their a hand. Then they put it on the back of their hand. The side that you see on the top is the one that is winning. Others just throw it in the air and let it land on the floor. They are also people who let the coin spin.

With our Flip a Coin app you don't have to choose a way to do it, we decide it for you ;-) Coin flipping is used for millions of people all around the world each day. Also online coin flipping is used by millions each day, the reason we build this easy and quick coin toss app for you. You can flip the coins as much times as you want in all situations.

Flip A Coin explained

Flip a Coin, Coin Toss, coin flipping?

Call it to flip a coin, call it to toss a coin, call it whatever you want. But using a coin to decide one of two alternatives is something that people see to have been doing forever. Let’s set the scene. Time is limited. You need to be decisive. Should you go this way or that way? Which one of us will go first? It seems like coins have been used to settle simple matters forever.

The History of Coin Flipping

Using a coin to decide the outcome of an undecided matter has been going on forever. Let’s look into the past. Back to the ancient Romans, to be precise. The Romans called this practise ‘navia aut caput’, which means ‘ship or head’. That’s because Roman coins had the Emperor’s head on one side and a ship representation on the other. This practice has manifested itself through time. Throughout generations, this has been a time-honoured way to settle matters. Across cultures and centuries, this is a part of daily life in so many situations. Throughout history, when it’s a case of trying to decide an outcome of one way or another, the toss of a coin has been a tried and trusted method. It’s even considered a satisfactory way to resolve arguments. It definitely helps to avoid them. Why? Probably because it appears to be as fair and as unbiased a method as you could ever find.

Coin Toss - Is it a Fair, Unbiased Method?

Is Coin Toss even fair?

It's called coin toss or coin flipping depending on where you are. But is it an unbiased method to decide a 50/50 alternative? Don’t be too sure. Apparently, getting a ‘heads or tails’ solution isn’t that simple. Bear in mind, the coin should be different on either side. A coin with the same face on both sides won’t do at all. That’s the beauty of the process. The outcome could just as easily go one way as another. It’s supposed to be a 50/50 chance all the way. But according to a mathematician called Persi Diaconis, that’s what people think.

Equal probability

It’s not necessarily true that there’s an equal probability. Sometimes there is, but many times there isn’t. According to Diaconis, if a coin is flipped in the ‘heads up’ position, the chance of its landing in a similar position is extremely high. So if a person takes time to develop the skill of controlling a coin after it’s been flipped, the chances are that they can influence the outcome. How many coin flips can you think of that were really random? It makes you begin to doubt a lot of things you’ve seen in your life when you keep this point in view.

Heads or Tails? Uses of Flip Coin

50/50 heads or tails

Those difficult 50/50 decisions can be settled in just a minute by coin flipping. Just pick heads or tails and get on with it. Suppose you and a friend have a day to spend in London. Or Paris. Or Dublin. Wherever. One of you wants to spend the day shopping for gifts and roaming the malls and markets. The other person wants to visit some famous tourist spots. With limited time, it’s hard to make a decision. So you get a coin and either person picks ‘heads’ or ‘tails’. So one flips the coin and it lands with the ‘heads’ side facing upwards. You have a clear winner here. So now you’ll spend the day shopping.

Coin Flipping in the Media, Movies and Life

Which team bats or bowls first in a cricket match is often decided by tossing a coin. Likewise, in tennis, a coin toss can decide who serves first. According to sports enthusiasts, the outcome of a game can be influenced by the outcome of the toss of a coin. It seems a bit difficult to believe that this could be true, but presumably, sportspeople know best. If the outcome of a match can be decided by the flip of a coin, that’s a serious thing. Especially in an international match. It means that tossing a coin is not to be taken lightly. In the 2012 Hollywood movie ‘No Country for Old Men’, a serial killer literally uses the toss of a coin to decide if he will make someone his next victim or not. That scene where the decision is made (a happy outcome for the victim this time) is such a sinister and dark moment. It’s another opportunity to understand that the toss of a coin is not a matter to be taken lightly. That scene literally leaves the viewer holding their breath.

What is a Virtual Coin Flipper?

A virtual coin flipper is a product of the Internet age. The Internet has practically taken over money in any case. There have been currencies invented, currencies with no tangible substance, such as cryptocurrency. When there are millions of Bitcoins in circulation and no physical presence, why shouldn’t the Internet be able to flip a coin? That’s exactly what you’ll find on the Flip a Coin webpage. You fill up a little online form, entering into the field the number of coins you want to toss. It could be one coin, or it could be more.

You will see your ten coins (if that’s what you ordered), each with a ‘heads or tails’ result on it. Suppose you told yourself you’ll pick the 5th one. So check your coin and see what was the result of that particular coin. Whether the result was ‘heads or tails’, you should go with that result. So without physically flipping that coin, you’ve had a virtual coin flip. There are a few such sites on the net, but Flip a Coin is the one that gives the most perfect, scientifically compatible result.

Video: Flip A Coin App

Learn how to use our Flip A Coin app by watching our how-to video.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers of frequently asked questions about our tool in the list below. Is your specific question not in the list? Please send us a message via Facebook or Instagram.

The average change that you flip tails in a coin flip is ~ 50%.

The average change that you flip heads in a coin flip is ~ 50%

The coin toss tool is using Math.random() which is pseudo-random. Each coin flip will be separated generated with this method. The change by random coin tossing for heads and tails are both 50%.

Our tool supports from 1 coin up to 50 and 100 coins at a time. After a draw you will see the results of how many times it was tails and heads. Then you can use the flip again button to have another coin flip.

It's totally free! You don't even have coins in your pocket, do you? ;-)

No, we don't have a Coin Flip application, but our website is 100% mobile friendly to use.