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Feature Free Premium
75+ Free Tools
Social Media support
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Instagram comments Max. 500 Unlimited
Facebook comments Max. 500 Unlimited
YouTube comments Max. 500 Unlimited
Twitter Retweets & Likes
Limit per 15 minutes
Max. 50 Max. 500
Twitter Followers
Limit per 24 hours
Max. 100 Max. 100,000
Export Instagram comments Max. 100 Unlimited
Export Facebook comments Max. 100 Unlimited
Export Facebook likes Max. 100 Unlimited
Export YouTube comments Max. 100 Unlimited
Export Twitter Followers / Followings
Limit per 24 hours
Max. 50 Max. 100,000
Export Quote Tweets
Limit per 15 minutes
Max. 50 Max. 500
Export Retweets / Tweet Likes
Limit per 15 minutes
Max. 50 Max. 500
Multi-post giveaway *
Export multiple posts **
Wheel of names animation ***
Logo on wheel
Add extra entries
Filter on tagged friends (@mentions)
Filter comments on words or hashtags
No Affiliate Links
No Sticky Banners
Ad-free result page
Remove trademark
No Adblock Detection
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Multi-Post giveaway *

With this feature you can select a winner from multiple social media posts or videos for your giveaway. For Facebook and Instagram the posts must be from the same page / account.

Multi-Post is available for the following tools:

* For YouTube there is a limit of 5 videos at once.

Export multiple posts **

With this feature you can export multiple posts from 1 page at the same time in 1 CSV file. This functionality is available for the following tools:

* YouTube can export max 5 videos at once.

Wheel of names animation ***

With this feature you can choose the animation to spin a wheel with all entries to randomly pick a winner for your giveaway. Please note: Having more than 100 names on the wheel may make it difficult to read. We don't advise to use 500+ entries on the wheel, because it gets slow and might crash your browser. You are able to customize the wheel colors, fonts and logo. This functionality is available for the Giveaway Winner Picker tools.

Example of Comment Picker with wheel of names animation:

Comment Picker Wheel

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