Online Dice Roller

Roll easy and quick one or more virtual dice!

Online dice roller

Enter your virual dice options and start rolling the virtual dice. Enjoy our easy and free online random dice roller app!

Tip: You can role the virtual dice quickly by hitting the space or enter key.

1. Select virtual dice options

2. Start rolling the dice

How does online dice roller work?

Easy throw one or multiple dice with our virtual dice roller. Below you find the options how it works.

  1. Select the number of dice to roll (default 1)
  2. Select the sides of a dice (default 6)
  3. Click the "Role dice" button
  4. Roll again (Optional)
  5. Like and review our Facebook page(optional)
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What is Online Dice Roller?

Dice roller is an online dice simulator where you can roll multiple dice with a number of sides. When rolling multiple dice you will see the total amount of all dice. The dice results are totally random.

You can use our tool always and everywhere as many times as you want. Enjoy!

If you have any tips or feedback, please send message on our Facebook page.

About dice

A real dice has six sides with the number 1 to 6 visualized by bullets. The shape of a die is square.

Dice are used for a lot in board games (like Yatzee), to select a random number or to gamble. You can use our dice roller for everything what you like.

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