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Roll easy and quickly one or more virtual dices!

Dice Roller

Dice Roller is an online tool where you can quickly throw one or multiple virtual dices. Online Dices can be replacing tradition dice and can be used always in any dice game.

Enter your virtual dice options and start rolling the virtual dice. You can select 1 to 12 dices and 2 to 9 sides for each dice. Enjoy our easy and free online random dice roller app!

Tip: You can role the virtual dice quickly by hitting the space bar or enter key.

Dice roller options

Start rolling the dice

Total of 6 dices:21

How does online dice roller work?

Easy throw one or multiple dice with our virtual dice roller. Below you find the options how it works.

  1. Select the number of dice to roll (default 1)
  2. Select the sides of a dice (default 6)
  3. Click the "Role dice" button
  4. Roll again (Optional)
  5. Like and review our Facebook page(optional)
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What is a Dice Roller?

A Dice Roller is an online tool where you can roll one or multiple random dice with a number of sides.

The dice simulator is random and will display the total of the thrown dices.

A real dice has six sides with the number 1 to 6 visualized by bullets. The shape of a die is square. Dice are used for a lot in board games (like Yahtzee), to select a random number or to gamble.

Virtual dice roller

You can use our virtual dice roller always and everywhere as many times as you want. Enjoy! Where are you using the online dices for?

Enjoy our free online virtual dice roller! If you have any tips or feedback about the dice roller, please send message on our Facebook page.

Everything You Need to Know About A Dice Roller

A dice roller is a unique online tool that allows you to roll one or even more virtual dice, and choose the number of sides you want. Dice rollers have gained so much popularity recently due to their ability to engage and challenge people’s brains, which makes them so interesting.

In this article, we look at some vital things that you should know about a die roller, from its history to how to use it. So, keep reading to find out.

History Dice Roller

Did you know that dice games originated from India, and were first made using ankle and knuckle bones?

The word dice is derived from the Latin datum, and it means ought to be played. Dice games have been played for several centuries now and haven’t changed much since their creation. Some of the most popular and ancient dice games that you can play today are Farkle, Gluck Haus, Jacks, and craps.

Roman emperors Caligula and Augustus are among popular people who were great dice fans as they even stole money to keep playing after they were broke. In the nineteenth century, playing dice was a huge activity as people could win fortunes and even lose a lot in no time. Some players could even gamble away their wives and estates.

How Online Dice Rollers works

Playing dice has become extremely easy nowadays since you can now use a special tool to help you get better results. So, with this tool, you can roll your die the same way you would with a physical one, while still ensuring unpredictable results.

An online die roller resembles a real one as it also has a cubic shape and six sides numbered 1-6. The best thing about this tool is that you can use it in any gaming landscape as it provides excellent, random results, and you don’t have to carry it around hence making it more reliable compared to real dice.

Using the online dice roller

Using a virtual dice roller is easier compared to physical die as you do not need lots of practice or prior experience to be good at it. To help you understand more about how it works and the best way to use it, see the following steps:

Step 1: Decide the Number of Dice You'd Like to Roll

One of the best advantages of using dice rollers is that they allow you to select the exact number you want for every roll. So, you can choose any number between 1 to 10, or even more if you wish. It is also possible to roll 100 dice simultaneously, but you should try that after feeling more confident with your skills.

Step 2: Select the Number of Sides

Most dice usually have six sides, but you can select those with even 9. However, the number of sides on your dice is mostly determined by the specific game you want to play. Some games demand the dice to have more sides, while others can be played even with the 2-sided ones.

Step 3: Roll Your Virtual Die to Play

This is the last step and is extremely easy since all you have to do is press the “roll dice’’ button. Once you’ve done that, you will see a display of randomly selected dice and their exact numbers. If you want to see the results of your previous games, then just roll dice online again.

Interesting Facts About Dice Roller Games

1. Alea iacta est

This is a common Latin quote by Julius Caesar that is mostly used by dice players and even politicians to mean when the dice are thrown, there’s no going back.

2. The Opposite Sides Always Add Up to Seven

Did you know that if you add the figures on opposite sides of your die, the results will be 7? However, this is mostly applicable to a six-sided die.

3. There Is No Such Thing as An Even Dice

There is never a 100% even dice. A die is considered pure when every side has an equal chance of ending up on top after being thrown. So, all dice are always slightly irregular, which is hard to see with the naked eye.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers of frequently asked questions about our tool in the list below. Is your specific question not in the list? Please send us a message via Facebook or Instagram.

With our online dice roller you can roll up to 12 dices each time.

An official dice only have six sides, but our dice can have up to 9 sides for each dice.

The change of rolling a 6 is 1 / 6 = 0.166667 which is a percentage of 16,6667%. This probability for rolling a 1,2,3,4 or 5 on a dice is the same.

The singular form of dice is "die" and the plural form is "dice". Dices is official wrong, but lots of people still using it, like us ;-).

Our virtual dice roller is using JS function Math.random() to select a random die which is pseudo random.

An online die roller allows you to make even 12 rolls at the same time, which is not possible when using the physical die, thus making it more convenient and effective.

The online dice roller is 100% free.

There are many free online die rollers that you can use today. However, most of them are not always effective. So, the best thing is using a premium die roller to help you get better results.

As you can see from this article, playing dice is interesting, and there’s so much to know about them. Therefore, make sure you also conduct some research to help you understand more how to roll dice online properly and see great results.