Online Dice Roller

Roll a virtual dice.

Dice Roller

Looking for an online dice? With our Dice Roller you can quickly throw one or multiple virtual dices at random. You can select up to 12 dices on each dice roll and each dice can contain up to 9 sides. By default, you will throw one traditional dice with 6 sides.

Tip: You can quickly roll the dice with the space bar or enter key on your keyboard.

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Roll virtual dice

Total of 6 dices:21

How to roll a dice online?

You can roll a virtual online dice in the following steps:

  1. Select the number of dices to roll (default 1).
  2. Select the number of sides of a dice (default 6).
  3. Press role dice.
  4. Press roll again to throw new dice.
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Rolling A Dice 10.000 Times (video)

In this experiment we rolled our random dice 10.000 times and collected all results in a graph. Check out the video to see how many times each number is randomly selected.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers of frequently asked questions about our tool in the list below. Is your specific question not in the list? Please send us a message via Facebook or Instagram.

The change of rolling a 6 is 1/6, a percentage of 16,6667%. The probability for rolling a 1,2,3,4 or 5 on a die is equal.

The singular form of dice is 'die' and the plural form is 'dice'. The word 'dices' is official wrong, but it's commonly used and accepted.