What is an Online Dice Roller?

An Online Dice Roller is a simulation that allows you to digitally roll one or multiple dice. You have the option to customize the number of dice and the number of sides per die according to your preferences. The Online Dice is commonly used in board games and other games where dice are required.

When using the virtual dice simulator, it not only displays the results of the most recent dice rolls but also keeps track of the total sum of all rolled dice.

Example of statistics after 3 rolls with 3 online dice with 6 sides:

Example Online Dice Roller

We currently do not offer a 3D dice option in our online dice roller.

About the dice

An authentic and original dice consists of six sides, numbered from 1 to 6. These numbers, also known as pips, form the distinctive markings on the dice. Dice are typically white in color, adorned with black dots, and have the shape of a regular cube with rounded corners.

Dice frequently find their application in board games such as Yahtzee, 30 Seconds, and Monopoly, where they serve to generate random numbers. Additionally, dice are essential in gambling games. Rolling multiple dice constitutes a game of chance, where the outcome is unpredictable, making winning or losing impossible to determine in advance. The word 'dice' originates from the French word 'doble,' meaning 'double'."