How to export comments from Instagram ads?

Export and download comments from Instagram ads in the following steps:

  1. Login with Facebook.
  2. Allow permission to Manage ads for ad accounts.
  3. Select Instagram ads or boosted posts.
  4. Choose comments filters and export settings.
  5. Press Export Instagram ad comments.

Download Instagram ad comments

All Instagram ad comments are exported to a spreadsheet in CSV format which you can open in Excel or Numbers. You can choose which fields you want to export, and the following data is available:

  • Instagram username.
  • Instagram comment text.
  • Instagram profile link of the user.
  • Comment created date.
  • Comment ID.
  • Comment ID of the parent comment (only for comment replies).
  • Instagram post ID.
  • App-scoped user ID (only available with manage business permission).

Note: Like count is not supported by ad comments.

Instagram comments filters

You can use different kind of comments filters to export only the data that you need. All filters are explained below.

Add comment replies

If you enable this option, replies to comments with their parent comment ID will be included in the exported comments. By default, comment replies are excluded from the export of Instagram ad comments.

Filter duplicate users

If this filter is enabled, we filter multiple comments made by a single user. Only the first comment from that user will be included in the export. A user is defined by a unique username obtained from Instagram.

Filter comments by mentions / tagged friends

If you select this option, a single comment must have a minimum number of mentions / tagged friends before it is included in the export. You can choose to include up to 10 tagged friends in an Instagram comment.

Filter comments by a specific text

If you enable this filter, an additional text field will appear where you can enter specific text, hashtags, or answers. A comment must exactly match this entered text in order to be included in the export. If you have entered multiple words, they should all appear within a single comment made by the user.

Filter comments by date

When you enable this filter, two additional fields will appear, allowing you to input a start and end date. To be included in the export, comment creation date must fall within the specified start and end date.