What is a List Randomizer?

A List Randomizer, Ladder Shuffle or Random Order Generator is a tool that will randomize and shuffle the order of your list. The tool allows you to enter a list of custom items or names and generate a fully randomized list.

With the List Randomizer, you can shuffle and reorder any type of list, including names, numbers, songs in a playlist, letters, email addresses, and more. This tool is particularly useful for prioritizing a to-do list with tasks, deciding in what order to accomplish the tasks within the list.

Random Order Generator

The Random Order Generator can also shuffle the order of anything, from names to tasks to sports teams. Teachers can use it in the classroom to order students into teams and groups, and it's perfect for any games that require a randomized order.

No more shuffling items with post-its or a hat, because the Random List Generator app will do the magic for you! This tool is essential for anyone who needs to randomize the order of a list, even just once.

Randomizer example

Below is an image that shows an example of a randomized list with a random order. The original order of the list was 1 to 5, but after using a List Randomizer tool, the order of the items has been shuffled in a completely random order.

Example of a list in random order shuffled by the Randomizer.

List Randomizer Use Cases

Examples of lists you can randomize with the List Randomizer or Random Order Generator include:

  • Names for a raffle or lottery.
  • Tasks on a to-do list.
  • Songs in a playlist.
  • Email addresses for a newsletter.
  • Numbers for a game or contest.
  • Students in a classroom for teams or groups.
  • Sports teams for a tournament.

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