What is a Letter Picker Wheel?

A Letter Picker Wheel is an online tool to pick a random alphabet letter from a to Z by spinning a wheel of letters. You can also customize the colors of the wheel.

The wheel of letters can be used for teachers in the classroom, letter games, learning new alphabet letters or to pick a random name by start letter.

Fun letter game

A fun game that can be done with your friends or family using the wheel of letters:

  • Choose any subject of the letter game, e.g. food, animals, birds, countries, cities or anything else.
  • Choose a time limit on which you can come up with a word, e.g. 1, 2 or 5 minutes.
  • Choose who begins the game, you can use our Random Name Picker.
  • Spin the letter wheel and pick a random letter.
  • Name a word that begins with the random letter.
  • If you have come up with a word in the time limit, the next player will spin the letter wheel.
  • Can't think of a word within the time limit, you loose.
  • Alternative: you can also pick one random letter and select all words with this beginletter.

Where are you using the random letter picker app for? Please let us know :)

Letter Picker Wheel options

All options that you can choose in the wheel of letters is explained below. Do you want more options? Please send us a message via Facebook or Instagram.

Wheel colors

You can select a predefined set of colors for the wheel which can be black/white, white/grey, red/green/yellow/blue, orange/pink/purple or all different colors.

Winning letter color

You can select the colors of the winning letter. The wheel segment will be this color after it's selected by the wheel as winning random letter.