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Generate YouTube tags for free and optimize your YouTube video for search.

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Tag Generator

YouTube Tag Generator is a free tool to generate a list of YouTube tags for your video based on a video title, link or keywords.

To start, add your YouTube video title or keywords that best describe your video in the Tag Generator settings, and the tool will create a list of YouTube tags for you.

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YouTube tags

How to generate YouTube tags?

Generate YouTube tags for your video in the following steps:

  1. Add keywords, video title or link.
  2. Press Generate YouTube tags.
  3. Grab the YouTube tags.

Prefer a visual guide? Watch our step-by-step video tutorial below on how to create YouTube tags and how to add the tags to your YouTube video.

About YouTube Tags Generator

YouTube Tags Generator generates optimized YouTube tags from popular tags and keywords of related videos based on the keywords or video title that you have added to the Tag Generator.

The Tag Generator is designed to automatically create a list of optimized tags for your YouTube video, ensuring that the total character count stays within YouTube's limit for tags. You can easialy copy and paste the generated tags into your video's metadata, enhancing discoverability of your video.

Why should you add YouTube Tags?

YouTube hidden tags and keywords are crucial for enhancing the visibility and performance of YouTube videos. By using relevant and effective tags, creators can improve their search rankings and attract more views to their videos.

You can use the YouTube Tag Generator to generate video tag ideas and optimize existing YouTube tags. An example of YouTube tags:

Example of a list with YouTube Tags generated by Tag Generator.

How to add YouTube tags to a video or Short?

Add YouTube tags to a video or Short in the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your YouTube account.
  2. Navigate to YouTube Studio dashboard.
  3. Navigate to Content.
  4. Select the video you want to add tags to.
  5. Scroll down till Video details and press Show more.
  6. Enter your video tags in the Tags field.
  7. Press Save to save your changes.

Your YouTube tags will now be saved, and help your video appear in search results and related video recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers of frequently asked questions about our tool in the list below. Is your specific question not in the list? Please send us a message via Facebook or Instagram.

YouTube Tag Generator is free to use up to 3 daily requests.

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The YouTube Tag Generator is using the YouTube API to search for relevant videos based on the keywords or video title that you entered. We extract the most popular YouTube tags from those videos and create a list of unique optimized YouTube tags for you.

The current limit for the number of tags that can be added to a YouTube video is 500 characters. This means that the total length of all the tags added to the video cannot exceed 500 characters.

It's important to note that adding too many tags to a video may not necessarily improve its visibility or discoverability on YouTube. It's recommended to focus on using descriptive and relevant tags that accurately describe the content of your video, rather than adding a large number of generic or unrelated tags. This can help your video to appear in relevant search results and improve its overall performance on the platform.