Wheel Decide

Spin the choice wheel and let the wheel decide random.

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Decision Maker Wheel

Decision Maker Wheel is a fun spinner tool that helps you to decide between different choices by spinning the wheel. Enter all your choices to the wheel and spin to let the wheel decide.

You can customize the Decide Wheel with different colors, choices and settings.

New: You can now save your list of choices for next time. You can save multiple lists on your device and quickly load them into the Wheel Decide.

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Choice Wheel settings

Wheel choices
Choices: 2

Each name must be added on a new line or separated by a comma.

Name your list and press 'Save' to store it. You can save multiple lists. Your lists will only be available on this device. If you want to change an existing list, just use the same list name and press 'Save'.
Customize Wheel

Unfortunately, not all fonts are supported on each device.

Other colors of the wheel
Enter a value between 6 and 100.
Enter a value between 1 and 50.
Results settings

Spin the Wheel

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How to create a decision wheel?

You can create a decision wheel with choices in the following steps:

  1. Enter choices of wheel.
  2. Customize the wheel settings.
  3. Tap decision wheel to spin and decide.

What is Wheel Decide?

Wheel Decide or Decision Maker Wheel is a tool that helps you to quickly make a random decision by adding choices to a wheel and spinning the wheel to decide. You can create and customize your own decision wheel with your choices and preferences.

You can add an unlimited amount of choices to the wheel, but we would advise to not use more than 100 choices to the wheel to make it still look pretty and readable. Keep your answers and choices short to have the best experience.

Examples of decisions that you can make:

  • Who is going to start?
  • Are we going to play a game or go outside?
  • Which course should I do?
  • Which student should give a presentation?
  • Which song are we going to play?
  • Who is the winner of the contest?
  • Which game are we going to play?

What other decisions did the wheel decide for you?

Customize wheel

We created multiple settings for you to customize the wheel.

Spin duration

You can select how many seconds the wheel will spin before picking a random choice. You can choose from 1 up to 10 seconds before the wheel stops spinning and decide.

Customize wheel colors

You can customize the colors of the wheel by using the predefined sets of colors. This can be all colors, set of colors, black/white or white/grey. Besides the wheel colors, you can also select the color of the winning choice. After a random choice is chosen, the segment will turn into that color, so it is easy to recognize the decision.

Remove choice from wheel after it is chosen

If you are planning to choose multiple decisions with the wheel picker and if you want to prevent a choice being selected twice, you can choose to remove the choice from wheel after the wheel spin. If this option is chosen and spin the wheel again, this choice will be removed from the wheel.

Please let us know if you would like to see other features in the wheel decider.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers of frequently asked questions about our tool in the list below. Is your specific question not in the list? Please send us a message via Facebook or Instagram.

You can enter an unlimited number of choices in our wheel. We only advise not to enter more than 100 choices, so that the choices on the wheel remain legible.

It is currently not possible to save and share your wheel. We are planning to develop this feature in the near future.