What is Wheel Decide?

Can't decide? Wheel Decide is a decision maker that makes a random decision for you using a wheel with custom choices. Create & customize your own wheel spinner.

You can add an unlimited amount of choices to the wheel, but we would advice to not use more than 30 choices to make the wheel look pretty. Keep your answers and choices short to have the best experience.

The wheel is deciding using the a pseudo randomness method.

Disclaimer: This tool is just for fun. Don't make really important decisions with this wheel. Always think good about the difficult choices you have to make in your life and ask friends and family for advice.

What decisions can you make:

  • Who is going to start?
  • Are we going to play a game or go outside?
  • Which course should I do?
  • Which student should give a presentation?
  • Which song are we going to play?
  • Who is the winner of the contest?
  • Which game are we going to play?

What other decisions did the decision maker decided for you?

Customize wheel

We created options for you to customize the wheel. The options are explained below:

Animation duration

You can select how many seconds the animation will take before picking a random choice from the wheel. You can choose from 1 second up to 10 seconds before the wheel stops spinning and showing a random choice.

Customize wheel colors

You can customize the colors of the wheel by using the predefined sets of colors. This can be all colors, set of colors, black/white or white/grey. Besides the wheel colors you can also select the color of the winning choice. After a random choice is chosen, the segment will turn into that color, so it is easy to recognize the decision.

Remove choice from wheel after it's chosen

If you are planning to choose multiple decisions with the wheel picker and you want to prevent a choice being selected twice, you can choose to remove the choice from wheel after the wheel spin. If this option is chosen and you spin the wheel again, this choice will be removed from the wheel.

What options or featured would you like to see in the Wheel Decide?