What is Wheel Decide?

Wheel Decide or Decision Maker Wheel is a tool that helps you to quickly make a random decision by adding choices to a wheel and spinning the wheel to decide. You can create and customize your own decision wheel with your choices and preferences.

You can add an unlimited amount of choices to the wheel, but we would advise to not use more than 100 choices to the wheel to make it still look pretty and readable. Keep your answers and choices short to have the best experience.

Examples of decisions that you can make:

  • Who is going to start?
  • Are we going to play a game or go outside?
  • Which course should I do?
  • Which student should give a presentation?
  • Which song are we going to play?
  • Who is the winner of the contest?
  • Which game are we going to play?

What other decisions did the wheel decide for you?