Random Team Generator

Split a list of names into random groups.

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Group Generator

Do you need to generate random groups from a list of names? With the Team Generator you can quickly randomize people into random groups by entering a list of names. You can create random teams by choosing the number of teams or number of people per team.

You can easily copy, print or export the randomized groups to Excel.

Team Maker Settings

Settings group members
Amount: 0

Each name must be added on a new line or separated by a comma.

List will only be stored on this device . You can create & save multiple lists. Use the same title to update and overwrite the old list.
Premium feature
You can load a list of names via a text file (.txt).
Settings random teams

Random teams

Team 1
Team 2

How to generate random teams?

You can split a list of into random groups by using the following steps:

  1. Enter your list of names.
  2. Choose to generate groups by number of teams or participants per team.
  3. Select the amount of teams or members per team.
  4. Generate random teams.
  5. Copy, print or export randomized teams.
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What is Random Team Generator?

Random Team Generator is a tool that helps you to create random teams from a list of names by randomly assigning people to a group.

We will divide all the names that you enter equally over the teams. You can choose if you want to generate teams based on the number of groups or number of members per group.

The Team Randomizer will make your life easier, because you never have to generate teams with post-its or Excel anymore. Our group maker will do the hard work for you. We will let the team picker decide the random groups.

Please send us a message on Facebook or Instagram if you have any tips or feedback for our Group Randomizer.

Export Teams to Excel

You can copy or print the teams and export the random teams to excel. An example of how an Excel sheet looks:

Random Team Generator Excel

Why using a Team Generator?

A team generator could be used for the following scenarios:

  • Create groups for any board games.
  • Create random sport teams, e.g. football, hockey or tennis teams.
  • For teachers in classroom to split class into small groups.
  • To randomly pair students.

Settings Group Generator

Let's explain the two settings of the Random Group Generator. Send us a request if you want us to build more settings or features.

Generate groups by number of teams

If you want to generate x amount of teams, you can choose the options: "Generate teams by number of teams". With this option we get all participants and divide them by the number of teams that you choose.

Example: If you have 24 members and want to create 4 groups. Select this option and choose 4. We will create 4 random groups with each 6 persons.

If we don't have enough participant to fill all groups equally, one team will have more team members than the other one. We will make sure that we divide the remaining persons equally over all groups. When you have 3 team with 10 names, we will create one group of 4 persons and two groups of 3 persons.

Generate groups by number of participants per team

If you have a list of participants and want to have a certain number of people in a team, you can choose the option: "Generate teams by participants per teams". This will gather all the names and create a new group for each x amount of participants.

Example: If you have 12 names and want to create groups of 3 people per group. You choose this option and select 3. We will create 4 random groups with each 3 participants.

If we can't fill all groups with the selected number of persons, we will add all remaining names to a new extra group.

Video: Team Generator

Learn how to generate random teams by watching our how-to video.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers of frequently asked questions about our tool in the list below. Is your specific question not in the list? Please send us a message via Facebook or Instagram.

Each name that you add will be randomly assigned to one of the groups. We are making sure that teams will be divided equally.

For randomness, we are using pseudorandom numbers to make sure to divide the teams fair and random.

The Team Generator can generate up to 1000 random teams and 1000 group members per team. Make sure that you add enough participants if you want to generate a large number of teams.

There is no limit in the number of names that you can add in the tool.

We don't save or store names or teams on our servers. If you close the browser the teams will be gone, so make sure to copy, print or export your generated teams.