A Character Counter or Letter Counter is an online calculator to instantly count the number of characters, letters, words and paragraphs in a text and display the character count, word count and paragraph count of a text.

Did you ever need a tool to quickly count the characters, letters or words in a text or sentence without Microsoft Word, Excel or Google Docs available? Counting characters in a text manually can be really painful and sensitive to errors. A character counter can help you quickly and accurate count all characters, letters, words and paragraphs in a text.

What is Character Count?

Character Count or Letter Count is the total number of characters or letters in a sentence, word or text.

You can calculate the character count with and without spaces. A Character, also known as char, is a single object to represent a letter, number or symbol.

Knowing the Character Count is highly useful in many applications, especially Social Media. Whether you are sending out a message to your employees on Yelp, LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter, you must focus on the character limit of your text. Understand that, especially in e-commerce, the volume of words used matters.

What about Word Count?

Word count, the number of words in a text, is a significant metric in content writing. It is particularly important for people who write reviews, blogs, websites and social media marketing posts.

With the online character counter calculator, you will only be required to copy and paste your text in the count characters area or write directly on it.

Note that every line break in your text is also calculated as a letter, while a paragraph may generate two characters, depending on the spaces used.

Who can use a Character Counter?

A character Counter tool can be extreme useful for those people:

  • For student to count the number of characters and words in an essay or assignment.
  • Teachers which have to check if the student followed the guidelines of the character and word limits on assignments and essays.
  • Text writer and publishers who are writing content for clients for a blog, website or social media
  • Social Media Managers, Marketeers and SEO specialists who have to deal with all strict Character Limits of online (social media) platforms
  • Internet users for filling in (user)names, descriptions when creating (social) online accounts or filling in online forms

Using a Character Counter to calculate the number of characters, words and paragraphs can save a lot of time (and money) for them and will make their live easier.

Character Count limits

Whether you are writing for your website or social media, what you say is important. But sometimes you have to deal with character count limits. How you say it and the number of words and characters used is what counts.

For newspaper and magazine writers where there is limited word count for each editorial, using a letter counter can help in formulating the expected word limit while still meeting the industry writing requirements.

Do you want to know more about the character count limits that are used on the popular social media platforms? You can find an overview of all Character Count Limits in our blog.

Character Counter & SEO

Character Counter & SEO, why is it important? Whether you are writing a blog post or an eBook, every editorial requires a certain number of words.

Social media platforms are designed for short and precise creations to capture the reader's attention. If you are a digital marketer or are managing social media content, it is important that you learn the length of words to use in each platform.

Optimal Character count length

The optimal length should be focused on satisfying the search intent and creating relevant links. For SEO, great content should most of the time be at least 1000 words. The content size increases the chances of a desirable ranking in Google search engine results (SERP).

Every year, Google changes its algorithm to keep marketers guessing the magic formula of getting to the first position. However, there is just one aspect that never changes, and that is word count. While the character limit is not a ranking factor, certain elements such as the meta description can affect the click-through rate.

In SEO, the skilled you are with your character count, the higher the chances of attracting backlinks from satisfied searchers. However, it is important to understand that poor content in terms of quality is a big turn-off and could greatly affect SEO negatively.