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Online tool to count characters, letters, words and paragraphs in a text.

Character and Letter Counter

The Character and Letter counter is a free online tool to quickly count characters, letters and words in a text. Just enter your text in the textarea and we will calculate the characters (with and without spaces) and (unique) number of words and paragraphs for you.

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What is a Character Counter?

Character Counter is a online tool that counts the number of words and characters in a given text.

Did you ever need a tool to quickly count the characters, letters or words in a text or sentence. A character counter will count all characters, letters and words in a given text. This tool can be useful for students who have to deliver a minimum amount of characters or letters. Or for teachers who have to check if a student did follow the instructions of an assignment.

Character Count is an online tool to instantly count characters and letters by entering a text. The tool will read the text and start counting characters, letters and words. Our free tool is easy-to-use and can be used to quickly and realtime count characters and letters online. This character count tool can be helpful for text writers and teachers. It will calculate the number of characters with and without spaces directly for you.

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Character Count Limits

If you use the letter counter tool, you will realise that character limit on Twitter is 280 letters, Facebook Status 63,206, Yelp Post 5,000 letters, eBay Title 80 letters, SMS 160 letters, Pinterest description 500 letters, Reddit Title 300 letters and Blog post Description 500 letters. HTML title tags have 70 characters and HTML meta description has no limit but only the first 155 letters will be displayed on Google search and LinkedIn summary 2000 letters.

Character Limits Facebook

When it comes to writing a status on the Facebook wall, sending an inbox message or commenting, character count must be factored in. This is the only way to use the platform effectively as a campaign or a business tool. On Facebook, one of the most common ways of communication is through messaging. For both the email type and regular message, the letter count limit is 20, 000.

Considering that the Facebook character counter limits the status number of letters to 63,206, you should have your message sent across. Note that the wall post number of letters gives a limit of 5000, but truncation starts at 477 letters.

Character Limits Blogpost

On your blogpost, the letter count of your description should be no more than 500, while that of your About Me page should not exceed 1,200. Understand that on social media, credibility is linked to word count. It means that as a marketer, learning how to use character counter to your favour pushes you a step ahead of the competitive business world.

This will mean choosing your post wordings wisely and substituting where necessary. When writing, think of short words to state your thoughts in a straightforward manner and shorten long sentences in a clear way. Note, however, character limit should not be an excuse for poor grammar.

The free letter counter can be used on any web browser, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Firefox, among others. As a business, use this counter when marketing in social media platforms or when sending out PDF documents to clients.

Using a Character Counter Tool

When you write a text, it is vital to know the number of letters included. Because it may not be an easy exercise to count the number of letters used manually, it is advisable to take advantage of a letter counter. In that way, you get to write freely while the software does the counting for you. Become a good writer by using slogans, antonyms, acronyms and synonyms. A character counter should help you reword or paraphrase a long version of text.

Character Counter in programs vs online

You are probably already familiar with the Google Docs word count program. However, there is an added advantage to using a free online program. With online programs, you do not get a limit to file formats, meaning you can input any text to count the letters.

The online software allows you to calculate words and letters for Google Docs documents, Microsoft word files, Instagram caption posts and academic essays, among others. For college essays, for instance, abiding by the required number of words and letters can impact the grading and review. Not only is an online program easy to use, but gives results almost instantly. Since it is a free for use tool, you can check the word count and number of letters as many times as you needed. Word counter is no doubt a basic tool for students, marketers and bloggers.

Character Counter in websites and (social) media

Whether you are writing for your website or social media, what you say is important. But how you say it and the number of words and characters used is what counts. Use this free online character calculator for all applications for desirable workflow. For newspaper and magazine writers where there is limited word count for each editorial, using a letter counter can help in formulating the expected word limit while still meeting the industry writing requirements. The free tool is not just for the English language. It applies to all other languages, including Chinese and Korean, among others. You only need to cut, copy and paste your content to count the characters.

What is Character/Letter Count?

Character or letter count is a free online calculator that helps you to calculate the number of letters in a text. It is highly useful in many applications, especially social media. Whether you are sending out a message to your employees on Yelp, Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter, you must focus on the character limit of your text. Understand that, especially in e-commerce, the volume of words used matters.

Word count is a significant metric in content writing. It is particularly important for people who write reviews, blogs, websites and social media marketing posts. With the character count online calculator, you will only be required to copy and paste your text in the count characters area or write directly on it. Note that every line break in your text is also calculated as a letter, while a paragraph may generate two characters, depending on the spacing used.

Why is Character Count Important in SEO

Whether you are writing a blogpost or an eBook, every editorial requires a certain number of words. Social media platforms are designed for short and precise creations to capture the reader’s attention. If you are a digital marketer or are managing social media content, it is important that you learn the length of words to use in each platform.

Optimal Character count length

The optimal length should be focused on satisfying the search intent and creating relevant links. For SEO, great content should be 2000 words and nothing more. This is because the right content increases the chances of a desirable ranking in Google search engine results (SERP).

Every year, Google changes its algorithm to keep marketers guessing the magic formula of getting to the first position. However, there is just one aspect that never changes, and that is word count. While the character limit is not a ranking factor, certain elements such as the meta description can affect the click-through rate. In SEO, the skilled you are with your character count, the higher the chances of attracting backlinks from satisfied searchers. However, it is important to understand that poor content in terms of quality is a big turn off and could greatly affect SEO negatively.

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