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Export & Download Instagram comments from your Instagram account to Excel and CSV (FREE)

Export Comments Instagram

With the Export Instagram Comments tool you can export your Instagram comments from your video or photo. You can download comments and commenters to Excel in CSV format from your Instagram Business account for FREE.

Important: We do not store, sell or distribute your Instagram comments data. Comments are downloaded only in your browser using the Facebook API. Data should only be used for personal purposes. Be responsible for the privacy of your followers.

Login with Facebook

Login with your Facebook profile that is administrator of the FB page that is connected to the Instagram business or creator account and allow the permissions "Access profile and posts from the Instagram account connected to your Page" and "Read content posted on the Page" which we need to get your media and comments.

Please login with Facebook, select Instagram Business Accounts, Facebook pages and allow permissions to read content posted on the Page and to access profile and posts from the Instagram account connected to your Page.

Choose Instagram account & media

Facebook pages with connected Instagram account
Instagram medias
Select your Instagram media which you want to use for the giveaway.
Export Instagram comments settings

How to export Instagram comments?

Export Instagram comments and users in the following steps:

  • Login with admin account of the Facebook page that is connected to Instagram business account
  • Allow Access profile and posts from the Instagram account connected to your Page" and "Read content posted on the Page"
  • Select Facebook page that is connected to Instagram
  • Select Instagram media
  • Choose Instagram comments export settings
  • Click Export Instagram comments

All Instagram are downloaded and exported to Excel in CSV format. This CSV will have the following data available:

  • Instagram username of the user that added the comment
  • Instagram Comment
  • Instagram profile link of the user
  • Like count of the comments
  • Timestamp / date of the comment
  • Check if comment is a reply on another comment

Why download your Instagram Comments?

It can be useful for you to download:

  • Get usernames to pick a winner for your Instagram giveaway or contest using our Wheel of Names
  • Check if the comments, Instagram comment count and commenters matching with our Instagram Comment Picker
  • Analyse your Instagram comments and followers
  • Backup comment data of your Instagram photo or video

Why are you downloading your Instagram comments? Let us know.

Export Instagram comments settings

After selecting your FB page and Instagram media you can select Instagram export options. How does those comment export settings work? Let me explain.

Minimum amount of friends tagged

If you select this option a single comment should have a minimum amount of mentions before it's included in the export. You can choose up to 10 friends mentioned.

Include comment replies

If you enable this option comment replies are included in the comment export. By default comment replies are excluded in the comment export.

Filter duplicate users

If this filter is enabled we will filter out multiple comments made by one user. Only the first comment of this user will be included in the export. A user is defined by a user ID that we get from Instagram.

Filter comments based on a specific text

If you enable this filter an extra text field will appear where you can enter a specific text, hashtag or answer. A comment should contain this text to be included in the export.

Sort comments by

You can sort the comments in the Excel by username, date (newest first), date (oldest first) and like count. If you need other sorting options, please let us know.

Video: Export Instagram Comments

Learn how to use export Instagram comments of your professional Instagram account by watching our how-to video.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers about our tool in the list of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

You can only export comments of your Instagram business or creator acccount. We don't have permission to get Instagram comments from your personal account.

You can only export comments of your own Instagram business or creator account. We don't have permission to get comments from other public Instagram accounts.

We only use the permissions that you allow to get media and comments of your Instagram account. Without those permissions we can't get your medias and comments of your Instagram account. We don't have permission to publish anything on your behalf.

You need to login with your FB profile that is administrator of the page that is connected with the Instagram account, since this is the only way Instagram (Facebook) is providing data to apps via their API.

We export Instagram comments in CSV format. In the future we will support other formats as well, please let us know which you would prefer.

The Instagram Comment Export tool is 100% FREE to use. There is no limit of the number of comments, only what your browser allows to download.

You can send us a message via Facebook or Instagram with your questions, suggestions or feedback. We are happy to help you.