Threads Comment Picker

Choose a random reply from your Threads post as winner of your Threads giveaway or contest.

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Free Threads Comment Picker

Threads Comment Picker is a free tool to select a winner for a giveaway or contest on Threads by randomly selecting a comment on your Threads post as winner.

The tool only supports top-level replies from public Threads accounts on posts that you have created on your own Threads account.

To start, log in with Threads and choose Threads & giveaway settings.

Plans & Pricing
Threads commentsMax. 100Unlimited
Threads postsMax. 1Unlimited
Multiple winnersMax. 1Up to 10
Add extra entriesNo Yes
Filter comments
by mentions, likes, text & date
No Yes
Theme color, logo & titleNo Yes
Ad-freeNo Yes
Price$0 /mo
$8 /mo

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How to select a winner for a giveaway on Threads?

Select a winner for your Threads giveaway in the following steps:

  1. Login with your Threads account.
  2. Grant access to requested permissions.
  3. Select your Threads giveaway post.
  4. Select giveaway settings and filters.
  5. Press Get Threads comments.
  6. Press Start to select a winner.
  7. Save & share the results of your giveaway.

Threads giveaway settings & filters

You can customize settings and filters of the tool to meet the specific requirements of your Threads giveaway. Details of each option are provided below.


Filter duplicate users

If this option is enabled, the tool will automatically remove duplicate comments made by the same user, identified by their unique username.

Replies made by the user who created the giveaway post are already filtered by default.


Filter comments by mentions / tagged friends

If you select this option, a single comment must have a minimum number of friends mentioned in the reply text to be included as entry in the giveaway.

You can choose to require up to 10 friends mentioned. By default, there is no requirement for mentions in a comment.


Filter comments by specific text

When you enable this filter, an additional text field will appear where you can specify text, a hashtag, or an answer.

A comment must match this specified text to qualify as an entry in the contest. To apply the filter to multiple allowed words, add a new field for each word.


Add extra entries

If you enable this option, a field will appear where you can upload or list names for additional entries to your giveaway or contest. These extra entries will be included independent from any other filters.

This is particularly useful for rewarding individuals with extra chances, such as those who liked or repost your post or followed your account.


Exclude users

Use this option to exclude users from the winner selection process by uploading or entering their names in the provided field. This feature is especially useful for preventing previous winners from winning again or for blocking spam accounts.

To exclude an Threads user, enter their username with the @ symbol, example: @commentpicker.

Save & Announce Threads Giveaway Winners

Learn how to save your results of your giveaway and create a public results page, ensuring transparency in announcing your winners.

Save & Share Results

Store the results of your contest and create a public results page. Here's how:

  • Premium users: Results are automatically stored to your dashboard for convenience and transparency.
  • Free users: After the winner is chosen, use the copy link or share buttons to save your result.

Announce winners: Share the link of the public result page to reveal the winners to your followers.

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Which Data is Saved?

We securely store the following raffle details for transparency:

  • Threads usernames of winners.
  • Threads replies of winners.
  • Threads giveaway post link and ID.
  • Threads giveaway owner.
  • Number of entries and draw date.
  • Custom logo and title (if added).

Individual names of entries are not retained. All results are stored for a minimum of 3 months.

Public Results Page

View an example of a public results page from a Threads giveaway:

Example of Certificate of Threads giveaway
View example

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers of frequently asked questions about the tool in the list below. Is your specific question not listed? Please send us a message via Facebook or Instagram.

Threads Comment Picker is free to use to select a winner from up to 100 comments.

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The Threads Comment Picker is a fair tool for picking random winners from comments. It uses a system called a pseudo-random number generator (PRNG) to ensure each draw is completely random. This means no one can influence or change the results. So, every draw is 100% fair and gives everyone an equal chance to win.

Currently, Threads Comment Picker does not support automatically checking for reposts, follows, or likes. If your contest requires participants to repost the post, follow the account, or like the post, you'll need to verify these actions manually. However, you can use the "Add extra entries" option to manually add usernames of users who meet those requirements, giving them an extra entry in the draw. The tool only picks winners from comments, so any additional requirements must be checked by you after the draw.