What is Twitter Picker?

Twitter Picker, also known as Retweet Picker, is a free tool to select a winner for your Twitter giveaway, contest, sweepstake, promotion or competition. We support currently 3 types of Twitter contests: Retweets, Quote Tweets or Tweet Likes.

The Twitter Picker will get all your Retweets, Quotes and Tweet Likes using the official X API of the Post and select a Twitter user as winner of your giveaway or contest randomly.

You can select different settings to filter SPAM accounts from joining your giveaway or contest. You could exclude users based on account age, follower count or by username. It's also possible to give users more chance to win, by adding their username to the extra entries.

You need to log in with your X account and authorize our app read permission to your account. We can only use this permission to read public data like your retweets, quotes, and likes. We can't post anything to your X account. Make sure you are logged in as the correct user, if you have multiple X accounts.

Save & share Twitter contest results

You can create a result page with the contest results by using one of the share buttons below contest details. We store the following information:

  • Username, profile picture & link of winner.
  • Number of entries.
  • Contest raffle date.
  • Reply (if available).
  • Tweet link and ID (if available).
  • Twitter contest account.

Example of certificate of Twitter giveaway:

Example Certificate Twitter Giveaway

The result page will be stored for at least 3 months.

Twitter contest settings & filters

You can use the following settings in the Twitter Picker to add extra entries or to exclude users from your contest. The spam filters are used to prevent fake accounts and bots being chosen in your giveaway.

Minimum number of followers

You can add a minimum number of followers that a Twitter account should have. Accounts with fewer followers than this number will be excluded from the giveaway. By default, the value is 0, which means all accounts will be included. This filter is created to prevent users to create multiple accounts to win the contest.

Minimum account age

You can set restriction on the minimum account age by entering a number of days. Accounts that don't exist for this number of days will be excluded from the contest. By default, the value is 0, which means all accounts will be included. This filter is created to prevent users to create multiple accounts to win the contest.

Minimum tweet count

You can filter users that have not tweeted a certain amount of tweets. Enter the minimum number of Tweets that a user should have done before counted as entry, by default no restrictions on tweet count. This filter is used to prevent fake account to join the contest.

User should like the Tweet

This filter is only available for the retweet contest type. A user is required to like the original Tweet that needs to be retweeted, before the retweet will be counted as an entry for the contest.

Twitter profile must have set a profile picture and bio

Those two filters are used to filter bots and spam accounts that automatically follow and retweet your post to win giveaways or contests. However, it does not guarantee to prevent bots and spam accounts from joining your contest.

Add extra entries

You can provide users with extra chances by selecting 'Add extra entries.' In the provided textarea, you can enter the names of the Twitter users who will receive additional entries. These extra entries are distinct from existing entries and will be excluded from any other filters, only being added afterward. This feature can be useful for providing an extra chance to your Twitter Subscribers, for example.

Exclude users

You can exclude Twitter user by selecting the option Exclude users. You will see a textarea where you can add the usernames of the Twitter users you want to exclude from the contest. This option is useful if you want to exclude previous winners from winning again or block spam accounts. You should enter the exact Twitter username, e.g. @commentpicker.