Facebook Group Comment Picker

Choose a winner for your giveaway or contest in your Facebook groups.

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⚠️ Important Update

We regret to inform you that the Facebook Group Comment Picker is no longer working as of April 22, 2024 due to recent changes from Facebook. The changes are beyond our control, and affecting which data external tools can receive from Facebook groups.

Note: These changes do not affect other Comment Picker tools.

We understand this may be disappointing news, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your understanding and support. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via Facebook or Instagram.

Facebook Group Giveaway Picker

Facebook Group Giveaway Picker is a free tool that randomly selects a winner from comments in your Facebook group for a giveaway, contest, or lottery.

We support Facebook comments from Facebook posts and videos in private and public Facebook groups.

Pre-Installation requirements

  1. Install the Comment Picker group app in your Facebook group. It's essential to note that only posts created after the app's installation will be accessible by the app.
  2. Request all group members to grant read access to the newly installed group app on Facebook. Without their permission, we can only display their comment ID, not the name of the group member.

Learn how to install the group app and allow access as group member.

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Facebook Login

Please log in as admin of the Facebook group, select your Facebook group and grant read access. These permissions are required for us to fetch your posts and comments from your Facebook group. We don't have access to post anything in your Facebook group.

Facebook group & contest settings

Facebook groups
Facebook group posts
Multi-post is Premium
Facebook giveaway settings & filters
* This will exclude members who haven't granted read access to the Comment Picker group app.
* Only possible for group members who have granted access to the Comment Picker group app. Members who haven't granted access will be excluded.
Extra entries: 0
Enter each name on a newline or comma-separated. Add a name multiple times to give this user multiple extra entries.
Excluded users: 0
Add each username on a newline or comma-separated.
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Raffle settings
Results settings

Start contest & choose winner

How to pick a winner from a Facebook Group?

After you have installed Comment Picker group app in your group, created a post and asked members to grant group app access, you can select a winner for your Facebook group giveaway in the following steps:

  1. Login with Facebook as group admin.
  2. Select your Facebook group and allow permissions.
  3. Select Facebook group post.
  4. Select giveaway settings and filters.
  5. Select raffle and results settings.
  6. Press Get comments.
  7. Press Start to choose a winner.
  8. Save results & share winner.

How to make Comment Picker work in my group?

To make the Comment Picker work for your Facebook group, there are a few pre-installation requirements that both you (as the group admin) and your group members need to fulfill.

Firstly, you should install the Comment Picker group app to your Facebook group. After this, request your group members to grant read access to the group app. Note: It's important to add the group app before creating your giveaway post, as the app can only access posts made after its addition to the group.

What are Facebook group apps?

Facebook group apps are third-party applications designed to enhance your Facebook group with additional tools and features. Only a group admin can add these apps to a group.

Once added, apps can view group posts and comments. However, they won't recognize your name, profile picture, or identify you as the author of posts and comments unless you grant them read access as a group member.

How to add Comment Picker group app to my Facebook Group?

To add Comment Picker group app to your Facebook group you should be a admin of a group. You can currently only add group apps via the browser on desktop.

Install a Comment Picker group app via the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Facebook group.
  2. Click Group settings in the left menu.
  3. Scroll to Manage advanced settings.
  4. Press edit icon to the right of Apps.
  5. Press Add apps.
  6. Search for Comment Picker.
  7. Select app and press Add to install group app.

Comment Picker is now added to your group apps.

Having issues with adding the app? You can find more info on how to add Facebook Group apps or watch our video on how to add a Facebook Group app. You can also send us a message on Facebook.

How to grant access to Comment Picker group app as a group member?

For the Comment Picker group app to access the names of commenters on the group's posts, members must grant it permission to view their posts and comments. Ensure the app has already been added to the group before granting access.

Grant access as a group member in the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Facebook group.
  2. Tap the 3 dots [...] in the upper right corner.
  3. Tap Manage group apps.
  4. Tap Comment Picker under Apps You Can Allow Access.
  5. Enable the setting Authored posts and comments.
  6. Tap Allow access.

You will now see a popup with Access allowed. Press Done to close it.

Which data can the group app access?

The Comment Picker group app can access posts and comments within the group. By default, it does not have access to personal data of group members. This is why we require members to grant permission to the app. Once permitted, we can retrieve their names and app-scoped user IDs.

Rest assured, we cannot post on behalf of your group or its members. Our app has undergone a Facebook review to obtain the group permissions, ensuring we neither store nor sell your group's data or the personal information of its members.

Facebook giveaway settings & filters

Once you have chosen your Facebook group and post, you will have the ability to select various options for your contest. We will provide an explanation of those options below.

Include comment replies

Enabling this option will result in comment replies being included in the comments for the raffle. By default, comment replies are excluded from the raffle.

Filter unknown users

Access to the name of the commenter is dependent upon their granting permission to the Comment Picker group app. If access is not granted, the winner's name will be replaced with their comment ID, making it difficult to identify the winner. Enabling this option will filter out all users who did not grant access to the Comment Picker group app.

Filter duplicate users

Enabling this filter will result in the exclusion of multiple comments made by the same user, which is defined by a unique user ID provided by Facebook. When this option is enabled, only users who have granted permission for information sharing with the Comment Picker group app will be included. If permissions have not been granted, user information such as name and app scoped user ID cannot be obtained.

Filter comments based on a specific text

Enabling this filter will generate an additional text field where you can input specific text, hashtags, or answers. A comment must contain this specified text to be eligible for inclusion in the contest.

Add extra entries

To add additional entries, select the "Add extra entries" option, which will prompt a text area where you can include the names of the extra entries. These entries are not linked to individual commenters and will be added to the total number of comments. Each entry can be added on a new line or separated by a comma. This option can be used to include participants who have liked your page, shared your post, or signed up for your newsletter.

Exclude or block users

To exclude specific users, choose the "Exclude/block users" option, which will display a text area where you can enter the names of users you wish to exclude from the contest. Each name can be added on a new line or separated by a comma. This feature is particularly useful if you want to prevent previous winners from winning again. When entering a name, be sure to use the name that is displayed on the user's Facebook profile.

How to add a Facebook Group app?

Learn how to add our app to your Facebook Group by watching the following video.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers of frequently asked questions about the tool in the list below. Is your specific question not listed? Please send us a message via Facebook or Instagram.

Facebook Group Comment Picker is free to use up to 100 comments to select a winner for a giveaway in your Facebook group.

Join Premium for unlimited comments and get access to an ad-free website with Premium features and limits.

We can only retrieve the name of the commenter if they have granted access to the Comment Picker group app.

If they haven't allowed access, we will display the comment ID instead. Kindly request your group members to grant read access to the Comment Picker group app.

To obtain all necessary data for Comment Group Picker to function properly, Facebook requires us to request certain permissions. Without these permissions, we are unable to access all data required to randomly select a winner from your group post and comments.

Yes, Comment Picker does support both public and private / closed Facebook groups. To use the app, the Comment Picker group app must be added to your Facebook group, and members must grant permissions to our app in order for it to function properly.

If you are unable to see any group posts, the first step is to confirm that the Comment Picker group app has been installed within your group and that all permissions have been granted.

Please note that the Facebook API only provides access to group posts from the past 90 days, no anonymous posts and only able to get posts created after the Comment Picker group app is added. This may be the reason why you are unable to view all Facebook group posts.