Facebook Group Comment Picker

Pick a random winner for your lottery or contest in your Facebook Groups

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Facebook Group Comment Picker

Pre-Installation requirements

Important: Before you can use the Facebook Comment Group Picker app, you should make sure that our "Comment Picker" group app is installed in your FB group and group members allowed access to the Comment Picker group app.

Learn how to install Facebook group app and allow access as a group member.

This tool can only be used for Facebook Groups, please use Facebook Comment Picker Business for Facebook pages.

Login with Facebook

Login with the Facebook profile that is the admin of the Facebook Group which you want to use for the raffle. We need permission to "authored posts and comments in groups" to get posts and comments of your group. With those permissions we can't publish anything on your behalf in the group.

Please log into this app with Facebook, select Facebook group and allow permissions to authored posts and comments in groups.

Choose Facebook group, post and raffle settings

Facebook groups
Facebook group posts Select Facebook group posts for the contest.
How to find my Facebook Post URL?
Facebook Giveaway options
Number of extra entries: 0
Excluded users: 0

Start contest & choose winner

How to pick a winner from a Facebook Group?

Via the steps below you can pick a random Facebook comment as a winner of your Facebook lottery or contest from your Facebook group. Make sure before you start the raffle, you installed the group app and ask member to allow access.

  1. Login with your Facebook account that is the admin of the Facebook group.
  2. Select your Facebook group in the FB login and allow the permissions "authored posts and comments in group" which are required for us to get posts and comments (we can't post anything in your group).
  3. Select the Facebook group which you want to use (only required if you have selected multiple FB groups).
  4. Select the Facebook post that you want to use for the contest.
  5. Enable the option "include comment replies" to include all replies to comments (optional).
  6. Choose if you want to filter unknown users.
  7. Choose if you want to filter duplicate users.
  8. Enable the option include specific text and enter text, if you want to filter comments based on a specific answer or #hashtag.
  9. Block or exclude Facebook users from joining your contest (optional).
  10. Enable the options "Add extra entries" and enter names if you want to add extra entries to your raffle (optional).
  11. Click the button "Get comments" to get all comments from the post. Wait until the loader is not showing anymore and all comments are loaded.
  12. Click start button and pick a random winner from all the comments.
  13. Save & share your unique results by using one of the share buttons.
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What is Facebook Group Comment Picker?

Facebook Group Comment Picker is a free tool to pick a random comment from a Facebook group post as winner of a lottery or contest in a Facebook group.

The Group Picker tool support both closed/private and public Facebook groups.

You need to install Comment Picker app in your group app and ask group members in order to make it work, before you can use our app. Learn How to make Comment Picker work in your Facebook group?.

If you have any feedback, suggestions, questions on how to use our app, please send us a message via Facebook or Instagram. Make sure you read all the content on the page and our FAQ.

Thanks for using Comment Picker and don't forget to share our tools with all your friends, family and colleagues.

How to make Comment Picker work in your Facebook group?

In order to make Comment Picker work for groups, there are a few pre-installation requirements that you and your group member should do. You need to add Comment Picker group app to your Facebook group and ask group members to allow access to this group app.

What are group apps?

Group apps are third-party apps that add tools and features to your Facebook group. They must be added by a group admin to be allowed access to a group. Apps can see group posts and comments once they've been added to a group. The app can't see your name, profile picture, or that you're the author of posts and comments unless you allow access.

How to add Comment Picker Group App to my Facebook Group?

To add a group app to your Facebook group you should be a group admin. You can currently only add group apps via the browser on desktop via the following steps:

  • Navigate to your group
  • Click Settings in the left menu
  • Scroll to Advanced Settings
  • Click edit icon in Apps
  • Tab Add Apps
  • Search for Comment Picker
  • Select app and click Add
  • Comment Picker is now added to your group apps

More info on how to add Facebook Group apps or watch our video How to add a Facebook Group app?.

How to allow access to Comment Picker group app as a group member?

To get all names of the comments of your group posts, you need to ask your group members to allow our app access to their posts and comments they have written in the group. Make sure the Comment Picker group app is added first.

  • Navigate to the Facebook group
  • Tap 3 dots in the right upper corner
  • Tap Group Apps
  • Tap Comment Picker
  • Enable option "Authored posts and comments"
  • We now have access to your name via our app

Which data does the group app have access to?

The Comment Picker group app has access to the group posts and comments of the group that you allow in the Facebook login. By default, we don't have access to any personal user data of the group members. That's why we need your members to allow access to the group app in order to get the names of group member and who placed the comments. With this permission of the member we can get the name and app scoped user ID.

We don't have permission to post anything on behalf of your group of group members. We have been through a Facebook review with this app in order to get the group permissions, which ensures you that we don't store or sell your group data or personal info of your group members.

Facebook Group Comment Picker Options

After selecting your FB group and post you can select options for your contest. We will explain those options below.

Include comment replies

If you enable this option comment replies are included in the comments. By default comment replies are excluded in the raffle.

Filter unknown users

We can only get the name of the commenter if they allowed access to the Comment Picker group app, learn how to give access as group member. If they don't allow access, you will see "unknown" as name of the winner. This makes it very hard to determine who is the winner of the raffle. Enabling this option will filter all user who didn't allow access to the Comment Picker group app.

Filter duplicate users

If this filter is enabled it will filter out multiple comments made by one user. A user is defined by a user ID that we get from Facebook. When you enable this option, we will only get users who allowed to share information with Comment Picker group app. If we don't have these permissions we can't get user information, like name and user ID.

Filter comments based on a specific text

If you enable this filter an extra text field will appear where you can enter a specific text, hashtag or answer. A comment should have this text included before it's included in the contest.

Add extra entries

You can add extra entries by selecting the option "Add extra entries". You will see a textarea where you can add names of the extra entries. These extra entries are not connected to the commenters and will be added to the total amount of comments. You can add each entry by a newline or separated by comma. You can use this option to add participants who liked your page or who shared the posts or signed up for your newsletter.

Exclude or block users

You can exclude user by selecting the option "Exclude / block users". You will see a textarea where you can add names of the users you want to exclude from the contest. You can add each name by a newline or separated by comma . This option can also be useful if you want to exclude previous winners from winning again. You should enter the name that is displayed on the Facebook profile of the user.

How to add a Facebook Group app?

Learn how to add our app to your Facebook Group.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers of frequently asked questions about our tool in the list below. Is your specific question not in the list? Please send us a message via Facebook or Instagram.

Our products and services are totally free. You can pay us by sharing our tool with all your friends all over the world.

Yes, we support both private/closed and public Facebook groups. Make sure you add the Comment Picker group app in your Facebook group and ask members to allow permissions to our app.

We only can get the name and ID of the commenter if they allowed access to the Comment Picker group app. Please ask your group members to allow access to the Comment Picker group app.

Facebook requires us to ask those permissions in order to get all the data that we need to make the Comment Group Picker work. Without those permissions we can't get all data to pick a random winner of your group post and comments.

Make sure you don't use any adblocker or privacy badger. These could block the Facebook script that is loading the Login button. In some cases the browser is blocking the Facebook script via Do not track option. Please enable Do Not Track (DNT) in the browser settings if you don't see the login button. Also make sure your browser is not blocking popups.

If you don't see any posts, first make sure you installed the Comment Picker group app inside your group and that you allowed all permissions in the Facebook login on our website. We can only get group posts of the last 90 days from the Facebook API. This might be the issue why you don't see all your group posts.

We are using Javascript method math.random to pick a random comment from all comments. We can't manipulate the outcome of any raffle, so please do not send message with asking us to make you the winner.

After a draw, you will see different share buttons and a copy link button. You can use one of the buttons to store the results of the raffle, so you can share them via social media or on your website.