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Free Knockout Schedule Maker to create Tournament Brackets

Bracket Generator

Bracket Generator is a free tool to quickly generate a tournament bracket where you can add unlimited amount of participants or teams! The tournament schedule maker will create brackets based on a single elimination knockout system.

The Bracket Generator has no limits and is free to use. You can add 2 teams, up to 32 teams, 64 teams, 128 teams, 256 teams for each tournament bracket and even more teams/participants if you want.

Tournament Bracket Generator settings

Add teams/participants
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Tournament Brackets

How to generate Tournament Brackets?

Simple steps to generate a tournament bracket with the tournament bracket creator:

  1. Enter your list of teams or participants in the textarea, each on a new line or separated by comma
  2. Select if you want to split names by a space (optional)
  3. Select if you want to filter of duplicate names from teams or participants (optional)
  4. Create tournament brackets by clicking "Create Tournament Bracket" button
  5. Print or save tournament brackets as PDF or generate new brackets (optional)
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What is Tournament Bracket Generator?

A Tournament Bracket Generator is a free online tool to generate brackets for a tournament. The tournament brackets will be based on a is single-elimination / knockout system whereby each participant of the tournament will be playing at least one match or game and going to the next round/bracket if they win the game.

Enter all participants in the Tournament Bracket Maker and press the button "Create Bracket Tournament" to generate your tournament scheduler.

Tournament Bracket Creator

We would love to hear your feedback of our new free online Tournament Bracket Creator, so we can make it even better. Please let us know via Facebook or Instagram

What is a tournament bracket?

Tournament bracket is a tournament structure which is played via the knockout system. Bracket Tournament is a single-elimination competition whereby a participant or team will be leaving the tournament if they lose a game or match.

If a participant or team of the tournament wins a match, they will go to the next round or bracket. This tournament ends with a final which is played between 2 participants or teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers about our tool in the list of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

We don't have set any limits for our Knockout Tournament Generator. You can enter any number participants as long as the browser can handle it. We tested our tool with 128, 256, 512, 1024 teams/participants and everything is still working fine.

If we can't devide the number of participants by the power of two, we will add an extra round where some participants will be automatic moved to the second round. Don't worry, we already did the magic for you!

Yes, the Bracket Generator is always FREE and we don't have paid plans like other websites which we are very proud of.

No, we don't have any limits and you can use our tool for all your tournament brackets

Sorry, we don't have this feature yet, but we will add multiple types like Double Elimination and Round Robin in our tool in the future.

For now you can only print the tournament bracket via the print option in your browser, use the save to PDF option in your print browser or create old fashion screenshots. We will optimize and add other features in the future. Please let us know what you prefer.

We don't save any tournament brackets. Be careful, because the data will be gone as soon as you close the browser.