How to link Instagram to Facebook page?

To share Instagram posts or stories to a Facebook page, it is required to connect your Instagram Business Account or Creator account to a Facebook page. In this blog you will read the guidelines on how to link an Instagram account to a Facebook page and how to solve common issue when connecting Instagram to Facebook.

How to link Instagram to Facebook on iPhone or Android?

  1. Launch Instagram app
  2. Tap your profile image in the lower right corner
  3. Tap hamburger menu in the upper right corner
  4. Tap Settings
  5. Tap Account
  6. Tap Linked Accounts
  7. Tap Facebook
  8. Log into Facebook with the administrator account of the Facebook page
  9. Log into Instagram and allow access to your Facebook account
  10. Instagram Business Account is now linked to Facebook page

How to link Instagram to Facebook page on browser?

  1. Open your favourite browser and login with Facebook
  2. Navigate to your Facebook Page
  3. Click Page Settings in the Manage Page menu
  4. Click Instagram in the Page Settings menu
  5. Click Connect Account
  6. Login with Instagram Business account
  7. Instagram Business account is now linked to your Facebook Page

Common issues with linking Facebook account to Instagram account

There are some known issues when connecting your Instagram account to a Facebook page. Most issues occur when you have multiple Instagram accounts or multiple Facebook pages and it’s connected to the wrong page or not connecting at all. Lot of articles mention that you should remove the Facebook app and Instagram app, but in most cases this is not needed.

This Instagram account is already connected to another Page

  • Tap Settings > Accounts > Linked Accounts
  • You can see which Facebook Page is connected
  • Tap Facebook
  • You can see which account is connected below Unlink Account
  • Tap Unlink (Account)
  • Tap Yes, Unlink to confirm unlinking account
  • Tap Facebook
  • Login with the correct Facebook account

Instagram account not connecting, keeps loading

This issue happens most of the time when it’s trying to connect with the wrong Facebook Page. To solve the issue:

  • Go to your Instagram profile
  • Tap Edit profile
  • Tap Page under Public Business Information
  • Select the correct Facebook Page

Wrong Facebook profile connected to Instagram

If you want to connect with a Facebook Page that is connected to a different Facebook profile then currently is logged in to Instagram account:

  • Tap hamburger menu in the upper right corner
  • Tap Open Facebook
  • Tap hamburger menu in the lower right corner
  • Log Out
  • Log into Another Account

Instagram share to Facebook page not working

In case your Instagram posts or stories are not posted to Facebook anymore:

  • Tap Settings > Accounts > Linked Accounts
  • Make sure you see the correct Facebook page next to Share to, otherwise Unlink Account and connect new page
  • Enable Share Your Story to Facebook
  • Enable Share Your Posts to Facebook
  • Instagram Share to Facebook should be working again

Other issues with linking Instagram to Facebook?

Please send us a message via Facebook or Instagram or leave a comment below if you still have issues after reading this blog. We will keep this article up to date with the latest solutions on how to link Instagram to Facebook.