How to find a YouTube Video URL (link)?

In this blog you will learn what a Youtube Video URL is and how you can easily get the Youtube video link via the Facebook app or browser.

What is a YouTube Video URL?

A Youtube Video URL is a unique URL for a Youtube Video which contains a Youtube Video ID. The video link is often used to share a video via social media or for embedding of videos.

A typical Youtube Video URL looks like this:


Find YouTube Video URL via Youtube App

  • Open Youtube app
  • Search or navigate to the YouTube video
  • Click on the share icon below the video
  • Click “Copy link” in the share popup to copy the YouTube video URL

Find YouTube Video URL via browser

  • Open your browser and navigate to
  • Search or navigate to the Youtube video
  • Click on the “share” below the video
  • Click on “Copy” to copy the video URL

Help needed to get the Youtube Video Link?

Please leave a comment and we will help you finding the Youtube Video Link.

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