How to find a Facebook Post URL (link)?

Do you want to find a Facebook post link (URL) of your FB post? This guide help you understand what a Facebook Post URL is and how to find the Facebook Post URL via the Facebook app or via the browser.

What is a Facebook Post URL?

A Facebook Post URL is a unique URL which is connected to a Facebook post. The Post URL is a combination of the Facebook Page ID or Facebook Page name and the Facebook Post ID.

A typical Facebook Post URL will most likely look like this:


Find Facebook Post URL (link) via Facebook app

  • Launch Facebook app
  • Navigate to your Facebook page
  • Navigate via the tabs on the top to “posts”
  • Scroll to the Facebook Post
  • Tap the Share button
  • Tap on “More options…” item
  • Tap the “Copy” button
  • You just copied the Facebook Post URL

Find Facebook Post URL (link) via browser

  • Open your favourite browser and browse to
  • Search or navigate to your Facebook page
  • Scroll down to the Facebook post
  • Click on the date/time below the Page name in the post
  • You can copy the Facebook Post URL from the browser bar

Help needed to the Facebook Post URL?

Please leave a comment or send us a message and we will help you find the Facebook Post URL of your post.

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