Character Count Limits (2021)

In this article you can find all character count limits for the populair social medias and other platforms in 2021 to find the ideal length. You will also learn how to calculate the character count of your text easy with an online character counter.

What is a Character Count Limit?

A character count limit is the maximum number of characters that can be added to a post, tag, message or username on social media or other online platforms.

To make sure you don’t exceed a character limit, you can use online tools to count the length of characters, letters and words of your text. You could use our Character Counter where you can add your text and the tool will calculate the number of characters with and without spaces and (unique) words.

Character Limits

As a writer, influencer, marketeer or social media user you will quickly encounter that lot of social medias and other platforms are using character count limits. To get a good understanding of all character limits used, we created tables with character limits for the most populair platforms for 2021.


Title50-60 characters (600 pixels)
Meta Description155–160 characters
Text Ad Headline30 characters
Text Ad Description90 characters


Tweet280 characters
Username / Handle15 characters
Profile Name20 characters
DM10000 characters


Status update63206 characters
Username50 characters
Page description155 characters
Comment8000 characters


Caption2200 characters
Bio150 characters
Username30 characters
Hashtags30 hashtags


Summary2000 characters
Company update700 characters
Company name100 characters
Recommendation3000 characters


Video title70 characters
Video Description5000 characters
Playlist title60 characters
Tags500 characters


Description500 characters
Profile name20 characters


Repository name100 characters
Username39 characters
Commit Message50/72 rule
50 character + blank line + 72 characters
122 character
Git File name4096 characters

Other limits

Yelp Post5000 characters
eBay Title80 characters

Do you miss any character count limits or do you think some limits are wrong or changed in 2021? Please leave a comment and we will add or change it.

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