What is an Online Slug Generator?

Online Slug Generator or Slugify Text tool is an online tool where you can slugify text, strings or titles into slugs. The slug generator can be used to create SEO-friendly URLs and human-readable links.

How do you make a SEO-friendly and human-readable slug?

We are creating a slug in these steps:

  • Replacing special characters by words, e.g. $ by dollar.
  • Removing the following chars from the text: !"#$%&'()*+,.\\/:;<=>?@[\]^_·`{|}~.
  • Lowercase the text.
  • Replacing spaces with a dash (-).

Let us know if you have suggestion to improve our online slug generator or if you have found any issues with our tool.

What is a slug?

A slug is a part of the URL which appears after the domain name to identify on which page of a website we are.

In this link: https://commentpicker.com/blog/instagram-comment-picker-tool/ the slug of the page is "instagram-comment-picker-tool". We are using the format where it's always lowercase and spaces are split by a dash. This way the slug will be readable for both humans and (google) bots. If we just a title with spaces the browser can encode the URL and transform spaces to "%20". You will end up with a slug that looks like this "Instagram%20Comment%20Picker%20tool", which will be really hard for people to read or remember. For SEO and Google it's good to slugify your URLS to create SEO friendly URLs which they understand.

Using a online slug generator you can generate SEO-friendly and human-readable slugs by just entering the title of your new page. Google will love you for doing that.