What is Random Name Picker?

Random Name Picker is a free online tool that allows users to pick a random name or to randomly select multiple names from a list of names. It is also possible to spin a Name Picker Wheel to draw a name.

You can use the random name selector for any raffle, contest or giveaway. The tool is also very useful for friends and families to decide who should start, or by teachers to select a random student in the classroom.

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Randomly Pick Contest Winners

This tool can be very useful to choose random winners for your online contest. Get all the names of the participants that entered the contest and which comply with the rules of your contest or giveaway.

Enter all entries in the tool, select draw settings, and start raffle to pick a random winner for your contest. Remember to contact the winner and share the results via social media.

You can also use one of our Comment Picker tools to get all names and entries automatically for Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), TikTok, Reddit or YouTube.

For what kind of contests or giveaways do you choose a winner with our Name Picker tool?