Instagram Analyzer

Free Instagram analytics tool to analyze your Instagram profile & posts.

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Instagram Profile Analyzer

Instagram Profile Analyzer is a free analytics tool to analyze your Instagram profile & posts to find the best performing posts.

We analyse your Instagram posts based on likes, comments & engagement, the best days & hours to post, most used hashtags and the total amount of comments & likes.

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Facebook Login

Please login with Facebook, select Instagram Business Accounts, Facebook pages and allow permissions to read content posted on the Page and to access profile and posts from the Instagram account connected to your Page.

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Instagram Analytics

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How to analyze your Instagram account?

You can analyze your Instagram account in the following steps:

  1. Login with your Facebook account and allow permissions for Facebook & Instagram.
  2. Select your Facebook page with connected Instagram account.
  3. Select how many of your last posts you want to analyze.
  4. Analyze Instagram profile.

What is Instagram Analyzer?

The Instagram Analyzer is a free analytics tool to analyze your Instagram profile and posts. The tool will show you information that can help you find the best posting time and see which kind of posts are performing the best.

The best days and hours on Instagram are always related to the location, country, type of followers, category and many more factors. It's more reliable to analyze your own profile to find the best posting time for your audience based on your own data, instead of following a general rule

You can choose how many of your last posts you want to analyze, up to the last 1000 posts.

We would love to hear your feedback about this tool, so we can improve and show more relevant information to analyze your profile.

To use this tool it's important that you have a business or creator Instagram account which is connected to a Facebook business page. We are using the official Instagram API, which provides real-time data about your Instagram profile.

Instagram Profile Analyzer tool will show you the following data:

  • Profile information.
  • Total comments, likes and average engagement of last analyzed post.
  • Best days to post on Instagram.
  • Best hours to post on Instagram.
  • Top 5 posts with most likes.
  • Top 5 posts with most comments.
  • Top 5 posts with the best engagement.
  • Top 10 hashtags used.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers of frequently asked questions about our tool in the list below. Is your specific question not in the list? Please send us a message via Facebook or Instagram.

Instagram Analyzer is free to use without any limits.

You can analyze up to 1000 Instagram posts with the Instagram Profile Analyzer.