What is a Yes or No button?

A Yes or No button is an online tool to quickly make a decision between Yes or No. The Yes No button generator will decide quickly if the answer on your question will be Yes or No.

You van use the random Yes or No generator for any questions where you want to choose a truly random answer. By entering your own answers you use it for all kind of situations, e.g. What should I drink, where you add answers like beer, wine, soda.

Yes or no decider

Get answer to all of your question with the yes or no decider. We will make a random decision for you in seconds. Our decision maker does not have to deal with emotions or other peoples opinion. A truly random decision is no problem for our random decision maker.

Yes or No Decision Maker

The Yes or No button generator is the ultimate decision maker will generate Yes or No in seconds for you. The online Yes No oracle is 100% random and can not be manipulated.

What decisions did the Yes No button generator already decide for you?

Yes or No button will decide for you if you should do it or should not do it. Do you have any tips or improvement for our Yes or No button? Please send us a message.