What is a Yes or No Button?

A Yes or No Button is a fun online tool that helps you to make a random decision between Yes or No. The Yes No Generator will decide quickly if the answer on your question is Yes or No.

You can use the random Yes No Generator for any questions where you want to choose a 100% random answer. The tool will not select based on emotions or opinions of other peoples, which makes it truly random decision.

Yes or No Picker

You can also add custom question and answers in our Yes or No Picker. By entering your own custom choices, you use it for even more situations. A few examples of questions and answers:

  • What should I drink?
    • Beer.
    • Coffee.
    • Soda.
  • Who should get coffee?
    • Peter.
    • Melissa.
    • John.

The Yes No Picker is just a fun way to quickly make unimportant decisions.