Yes or No button

Random Yes No generator to quickly make decisions

Yes No button

Do you need to quick make a decision? With our random decision generator you can make a Yes or No decision within seconds.

If you need to make decisions based on other answers then Yes or No you can enter your own custom answers in the textfield and we will pick a random answer from those.

1. Enter custom answers

2. Yes or No?

How does the "Yes No button" work?

You can use the ultimate random decision maker very easy!

  1. Enter custom options if you want to have other answers then Yes or No (optional)
  2. Click "Start" to pick Yes or No or your custom answers.
  3. Click "Choose another random answer" to pick a new random answer.
  4. Like and review our Facebook page (optional)

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What is a Yes or No button?

A Yes or No button is a tool to quickly make a decision between Yes or No.

You van use the random Yes or No generator for any questions where you want to choose a truly random answer. By entering your own answers you use it for all kind of situations, e.g. What should I drink, where you add answers like beer, wine, soda.

About the Yes No generator

The changes between Yes or No is 50% on average. If you add 3 options it will be on average 33.33%. The generator yes no generator is using Math.random which is pseudo-random.

Any tips or feedback about the Yes or No button, please send us a message on Facebook.