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Create lottery tickets or generate random lottery numbers.

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Pick Lottery Numbers

Do you want to create lottery tickets or generate random lottery or lotto numbers? With our tool it is possible to pick any lottery numbers at random or create tickets for a lottery or bingo.

Default settings are set for UK lotto numbers and tickets, where you need 6 random number between 1 and 59.

You can adjust the settings to specify what kind of lottery numbers you want to generate.

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Random lottery numbers

Lottery numbers

How to pick random lottery tickets?

You can pick random lottery numbers or tickets in the following steps:

  1. Select the amount of lottery numbers in a ticket.
  2. Select the minimum and maximum value of the lottery numbers.
  3. Select the number of lottery tickets.
  4. Adjust settings for odd/even and unique numbers.
  5. Press Generate lottery numbers.

What is a Lottery Number Generator?

The Lottery Number Generator allows you to pick random lottery tickets and lottery numbers. By default, the tool generates a list of lotto numbers for the national lottery of the UK. The UK lotto tickets are 6 unique random numbers between 1 and 59.

You can adjust all settings of the tool to create lottery tickets and numbers for other lucky lotteries in the USA, UK and other countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers of frequently asked questions about our tool in the list below. Is your specific question not in the list? Please send us a message via Facebook or Instagram.

The Lottery Number Generator is free to use without any limits.

The Lottery Number Generator generates all lottery numbers and tickets using a random algorithm with psuedo random numbers (PRNG). The outcome of the lottery numbers can't be manipulated.

You can use the Lottery Number Generator to create lottery tickets. You are able to change the settings of the lottery numbers to use a different minimum and maximum number or only generate odd/even numbers.

You can generate up to 100 random lottery tickets with an unlimited number of numbers on each ticket.