What is an Instagram Font Generator?

An Instagram Font Generator is a free online tool to generate different fonts for Instagram or other social platforms. You can use the tool to create fancy, fun and cool Instagram fonts which you can use on Instagram for your bio, captions or other social media profiles.

We have more than 35 different sort of fonts, a few examples:

  • Square white & black Instagram Font.
  • Circle & Bubble Instagram Font.
  • Upside down Instagram Font.
  • Reverse Instagram Font.
  • Small caps Instagram Font.
  • Italic Instagram Font.
  • Bold Instagram Font.

You can use the tool to find a preview of all Instagram fonts.

Instagram font copy and paste

You can tap or click on one of the Instagram fonts to copy the text to your clipboard. You can paste the text in your Instagram or Twitter bio, as captions on your post or as fun message in whatsapp or messenger. Just tapping to copy and paste the Instagram font makes the tool very easy to use.

If you have any feedback or improvements for the Instagram font generator, please send us a message.

How do Instagram fonts work?

Instagram fonts are not real fonts, that's why you can't just create or install them on your iPhone or android mobile phone. You need a tool like ours to create them.

There are all part of Unicode, which is the company who is creating all symbols. With the Instagram fonts we are (mis)using different Unicode symbols to create an Instagram font. That's why some symbols and letter are also not supported.

Once in a while they will create new symbols which we can use to create a new font.

Best Instagram Fonts 2022

  • Circular.
  • Bold.
  • Small caps.