How to remove an app from Facebook?

Do you have an app installed on Facebook which is posting stuff on your behalf and you want to remove the app from your profile? We created a small guide with simple steps to remove an app from your Facebook profile.

Remove an app from Facebook on mobile

  • Launch the Facebook app
  • Click the hamburger menu
  • Scroll down and click “Settings & Privacy”
  • Click Settings
  • Scroll down to “Security” and click “Apps and Websites”
  • Click on the item “Logged in with Facebook”
  • Search app or scroll to the list to find the app you want to remove
  • Click the radio button before the app and click “Remove”
  • Final step to remove an app from Facebook is to click the “Remove” button again and optional select the option to delete all posts, photos and video which this app has published on your behalf.
  • The app is now removed from Facebook

Remove app from Facebook via browser

If you want to remove an app from Facebook via the browser, you can follow almost the same steps.

  • Open settings via the arrow in the upper right corder: Settings & Privacy -> Settings
  • Go to Apps and Websites via the left sidebar menu
  • Find app to remove, select the app and click remove button
  • Select optionally “Delete posts, videos or events X posted on your timeline.” and click the remove button
  • The app is now removed from Facebook


Do you have questions about removing an app from Facebook or did the steps not work for you? We are happy to help you removing an app from Facebook. Please leave a comment or send us a message via Facebook.

4 thoughts on “How to remove an app from Facebook?”

  1. Graham Clinningsays:

    Hello, I cannot remove Facebook Random Comment Picker from my business page. Please can you assist me?

  2. Hi Graham Clinning, what’s the issue? Which step is not working? 🙂

  3. Ksays:


    I integrated comment picker, downloaded the comments and after a few days FB business page started to send out massively posts to people who commented under the post – how to remove the business integration, this only seems to relate to personal profile?

    Thanks a lot,


    1. Comment Pickersays:

      Hi K,

      You can only remove an app from your personal profile which allowed the integration of the app. Only with Facebook groups you can remove the app from the group. We can’t send anything on your behalf or post anything, so that can’t be our app. Please check other apps who has those permissions. Is it really your page who is sending or a copy of your page?

      Regards, Koen
      Comment Picker

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