Random Name Picker

Pick a random name from a list of names.

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Name Picker

Name Picker is an easy-to-use online tool to quickly draw a random name from a list of names and instantly pick a winner. The tool can be used for everyone to quickly select a random name, for teachers in a classroom to pick a random student or to draw a random winner for a contest or raffle.

Just enter a list of names, select your preference settings and start drawing a random name. It's possible to pick multiple names at once, up to 10 names per draw.

Looking for a name picker wheel? You can use our Wheel of Names to pick a winner by spinning the wheel.


Names / entries
Amount: 0

Each name must be added on a new line or separated by a comma.

List will only be stored on this device . You can create & save multiple lists. Use the same title to update and overwrite the old list.
Premium feature
You can load a list of names via a text file (.txt).
Draw settings

Pick a random name

How to draw a random name?

You can draw a random name from a list of names by using the following steps:

  1. Enter a list of names.
  2. Choose the draw settings.
  3. Select the number of winners.
  4. Start raffle to pick a random name.
  5. Create a unique URL with results and share it via social media, WhatsApp or email.
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What is Random Name Picker?

Random Name Picker is a free tool to quickly draw a random name or to pick multiple random winners by submitting a list of names. This tool can be used in classroom by teachers to select a random student or for a contest to draw a random winner. Drawing a random name is never been so easy.

You can use the random name selector for any contest, giveaway, raffle, lottery, promotion or competitions. The tool can also be used for families to decide who has to do the dishes or by teachers to select random students for activities or assignments in a school class. A Name Picker tool is the easiest way to draw names from a hat, a virtual hat of course.

Any suggestions or feedback to make the Name Picker app even better? Please let us know via Facebook or Instagram.

How to save and share results of the Name Picker?

We have a featured to save the results of your raffle and create a small certificate. You can create one by using one of the social share buttons or the copy link button after the draw is finished. We will create a unique URL with the results of your raffle.

You can share this link on social media. We show the winner, total names and the date of the raffle if anyone visits the page. Results of the giveaway picker for a limited amount of time.

Example of a unique link with results of a raffle:

Example Random Name Picker results

Randomly Pick Contest Winners

This tool can be very useful to choose random winners for your online contest. Get all the names of the participants that entered the contest and which comply with the rules of your contest or giveaway.

Enter all entries in the tool, select draw settings and start raffle to pick a random winner for your contest. Don't forget contact the winner and share the results via social media.

You can also use one of our Comment Picker tools to get all names and entries automatically for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

For what kind of contests or giveaways do you choose a winner with our Name Picker tool?

Random Drawing Generator

A random drawing generator could refer to 2 different online tools with different purposes. The word drawing has two different meanings in English language.

  • Drawing can refer to: "the selection of a winner or winners in a lottery or raffle".
  • Drawing can also mean: "a picture or diagram made with a pencil, pen, or crayon rather than paint, especially one drawn in monochrome".

Our tool is used for the first one to select a random winner in a raffle, which is also known as a Random Name Drawing Generator. We might release a Random Drawing (Idea) Generator as well.

Random Picker

Random Picker is a free tool to draw a random name as winner for a contest, giveaway, promotion or lottery. It can also be used to just pick a random name or item from a list. The tool support names, teams, emails, numbers, songs, usernames and every other list of items you need.

We created a few settings to customize your draw.

Number of winners

With this option you can select multiple random names at the same time. You can select up to 10 winners for each draw. A name can never be drawn multiple times in one draw. If you want to make it possible for a name to win multiple times, you should pick 1 winner at the time and use the pick another name button to draw multiple times.

Remove winner from list of names after draw

If you enable this filter, the tool will remove the winner(s) from the list of names after it's randomly selected as winner of the raffle. This can be useful when you are picking more than 10 names or drawing names one by one and don't want a name to be chosen twice.

How to use the Random Name Picker?

Learn how to use our Name Picker app to pick a random name by watching our how-to video.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers of frequently asked questions about our tool in the list below. Is your specific question not in the list? Please send us a message via Facebook or Instagram.

There is no limits in the number of names that you can enter into the tool.

By default, we don't store any results. We only store the results of the outcome of the raffle if you create a unique link. With a unique link we will store the name of the winner(s), total number of names and the date of the draw.

It's possible draw up to 10 random names in one raffle. If you need to pick more names, you can use the 'Pick another name' button to pick new winners. The button will be visible after drawing names.