How to find my Facebook Page ID number?

Finding your Facebook Page ID can be really challenging and hard in 2021 for users to find a Facebook Page ID. After reading this blog it should be easy to find your FB Page ID in multiple ways.

What is a Facebook Page ID?

Facebook Page ID is a unique numeric ID that is assigned to each Facebook Page. The Facebook Page ID is created once when a user creates a Facebook page and is used to identify a page.

Why do I need to find my Facebook Page ID?

A Facebook Page ID is used in some social tools and plugins. You have to enter your ID in order to show a Facebook feed, like button, social sharing plugin or advertisement. Since Facebook is making it very difficult for users to get this ID we created this blog and our Find Facebook ID tool.

How do I find my Facebook Page ID on mobile?

  • Open your Facebook app
  • Navigate to your Facebook page
  • Click on “About” in the tabs on the top
  • Scroll down until you see you Page ID

Facebook Page ID Lookup tool

When you want to find your Facebook Page ID on desktop it is quit hard to find the ID. The FB Page ID is not shown in the about section, so you have to find another way. There are a lot of Facebook Page ID Lookup tools out there, like findmyfbid, but not all lookup tools are working as expected.

We created our own Facebook Page ID Lookup tool which is getting the Facebook Page ID by entering a Facebook Page URL:

Find My Facebook ID

With this tool you can get your Facebook Page ID within seconds. Besides a FB Page ID it is also possible to get your Facebook Profile ID or Facebook Group ID.

Find FB Page ID in source code

  • Go to and login with your account
  • Navigate to your Facebook page
  • Open page source code by right clicking anywhere on the the page and click “View Source Code” (each browser will call this different)
  • Search (cmd + F or window + s) for “page_id=”
  • Your numeric FB Page ID is located after “page_id=”

FB Page ID in 2021

Yes, Finding the Facebook Page ID in 2021 is not easy if you don’t know where to look. Facebook is changing the way to get the FB Page ID each year or period of time. Even the official documentation of Facebook is not up to date anymore and doesn’t work.

If you need any help to find your of someones Facebook Page ID in 2020, please leave a comment or send us a message on Facebook and we will find your Page ID.